At a Glance

Borealis is a leading provider of innovative solutions in the fields of polyolefins, base chemicals and fertilizers


The polyolefins manufactured by Borealis form the basis of many plastics products which have become indispensable in daily life. Borealis works closely with its customers and industry partners to provide innovative and value-creating plastics solutions that make end products safer, lighter, more affordable and adaptable. The areas of application are broad and diverse. At Borealis, these application segments are called Engineering Applications, Energy & Infrastructure, and Advanced Packaging & Fibre. In addition in New Business Development, Borealis explores the future potential of novel polyolefin products and applications.

Energy & Infrastructure

Borealis is the leading provider of polyolefin compounds for the global wire and cable industry, delivering effective solutions that are widely applied in low, medium, high and extra-high voltage energy transmission and distribution cables, in data and communication cables as well as in building and automotive wires and cables. As a trusted and experienced partner to the pipe and fittings industry, Borealis supplies materials for advanced polyolefin pipe systems used in water and gas distribution, waste water and sewage disposal, irrigation, chemical and industrial pipelines, in-house plumbing and heating as well as pipe coating solutions for oil and gas exploration and transportation.

Engineering Applications

As a leading supplier of innovative polyolefin plastics for engineering applications in the automotive industry and for household appliances, Borealis delivers ideal replacement solutions for traditional materials such as metal and rubber. In vehicles, Borealis' leading-edge polyolefin plastics are used in a wide range of exterior, interior, and under-the-bonnet applications. These include bumpers, body panels, trims, dashboards, door cladding, climate control and cooling systems, air intake manifolds and battery cases.

Advanced polypropylene solutions are used to make household appliances like washing machines, refrigerators and air-conditioning units more robust yet lighter, more energy efficient yet visually appealing.

Advanced Packaging & Fibre

Thanks to their superior properties and excellent flexibility, Borealis polyolefins are the advanced packaging material of choice for applications in healthcare, such as medical pouches, bottles, overwraps, sachets and other medical devices, as well as in fibres, where advanced polyolefins are used to create non-woven technical fibres and other innovative products. Superior and proprietary Borealis technologies make advanced applications in both flexible and rigid packaging possible, from shrink film, geomembranes and frozen food packaging to caps and closures, bottles, thin wall packaging and transport packaging.

Base Chemicals

Borealis produces a wide range of base chemicals such as melamine, phenol, acetone, ethylene and propylene for use in numerous and diverse industries, as well as fertilizers and technical nitrogen products. Fully committed to international Base Chemicals activities as the solid foundation of its overall business, Borealis will continue to develop this profitable area with its unique feedstock capabilities, logistics and integration strengths. The redesign of the Borealis Base Chemicals business group into three separate units, Hydrocarbons & Energy, Fertilizers, and Melamine, took effect at the end of 2013.

Hydrocarbons & Energy

Borealis sources basic feedstocks such as naphtha, butane, propane and ethane from the oil and gas industry and converts these into ethylene and propylene through its olefin units. Steam crackers in Finland, Sweden and Abu Dhabi, the latter operated by Borouge, produce both ethylene and propylene, while propylene is also produced in a propane dehydrogenation plant in Kallo, Belgium. Feedstock and olefins required for Borealis' plants and those of its joint ventures are either sourced from its owners or joint venture partners, or purchased from the markets. A range of co-products from the steam cracking process, including pygas and butadiene, are also sold to international markets. Phenol, benzene and cumene as well as acetone are produced in Finland and are sold mainly to the adhesive, fibre, epoxy resin and polycarbonate industries in Northern Europe. In the Nordic and Baltic regions, Borealis is the leading producer of phenol, which is used in adhesives, construction materials, carpets, CDs, DVDs, mobile phones and household appliances. Acetone is commonly used in solvents for paints, acrylics, fibres and pharmaceuticals. Benzene and cumene are feedstocks for other chemical processes.


A number of megatrends are making the efficient and effective use of fertilizers more essential than ever. For one, the world population is expected to rise from today's 6.7 billion to over 9 billion by 2050, and an increasing number of people will live in densely-populated urban areas. And as incomes in emerging nations rise, more meat is consumed and thus more grain to feed livestock must be produced. Bio-fuels are also generating demand for increased yields. With limited space for expansion and heightened environmental awareness, low-carbon footprint fertilizers are becoming increasingly attractive in Europe.

As the leading fertilizer company in Central and Eastern Europe, Borealis is helping make farming more efficient in order to help feed more people and livestock. Borealis supplies over 5 million tonnes of fertilizers and technical nitrogen products each year via its Borealis L.A.T distribution network. Borealis L.A.T – formerly known as Linzer Agro Trade – has 50 warehouses across Europe and an inventory capacity of over 500 kilotonnes. Borealis L.A.T boasts a broad fertilizer portfolio, including "N" (nitrogen), "NP" (nitrogen-phosphorous) and "NPK" (nitrogenphosphorous-potassium) fertilizers, which are often referred to as "complete fertilizers," as well as technical products, from ammonia and ammonium nitrates to nitric acid and urea solutions.


As the second-largest producer of high-quality melamine in Europe, Borealis produces melamine at its plant in Linz, Austria and at Borealis facilities in Piesteritz, Germany. Melamine is converted from the raw material natural gas and has itself become an essential raw material for the global production of synthetic resins. Around 80% of Borealis melamine production is destined for the wood-based panel industry, for example for use as decorative surface coatings of wood-based materials. In the manufacture of everyday objects used in the kitchen or around the house, melamine also plays an important role, for example as one component used to make handles for pots and pans.

More about Borealis

With headquarters in Vienna, Austria, Borealis currently employs around 6,400 and operates in over 120 countries. It generated EUR 8.1 billion in sales revenue in 2013. The International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC) of Abu Dhabi owns 64% of the company, with the remaining 36% owned by OMV, the leading energy group in the European growth belt. Borealis provides services and products to customers around the world in collaboration with Borouge, a joint venture with the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC).

Borealis and Borouge aim to proactively benefit society by taking on real societal challenges and offering real solutions. Both companies are committed to the principles of Responsible Care®, an initiative to improve safety performance within the chemical industry, and contribute to solve the world's water and sanitation challenges through product innovation and their Water for the World™ programme.