People Care

People Care is an important topic for us at Borealis. For more detailed information on the topics below, please visit our health, safety and environment (HSE) pages.

Personal Health and Safety

Safety and ensuring optimum occupational health are our top priorities at Borealis and we will continue to be proactive in preventing accidents and establishing an environment where the health of our people are valued and protected. We truly believe and implement our motto "If we can't do it safely, we don't do it at all."

24 hour care

HSE doesn't stop at the gate - it is an around-the-clock topic for everyone. We are convinced that the different actions that we take have a positive impact on the personal lives of our employees.

Process safety

As a responsible citizen, it is our moral duty to invest in the prevention of process safety incidents. Process safety priorities are part of the overall risk landscape in the company. Risks are reported on an ongoing basis and approved for action by our Executive Board.

Responsible care

Promoting health, safety and environment issues throughout the entire value chain, Responsible Care® is the global chemical industry's commitment to improve performance in HSE to drive continuous improvement in performance. It was launched in 1985 and seeks to build confidence and trust in an industry that is essential in improving living standards and quality of life.


The Borealis Ethics Policy is at the heart of our commitment to ethical behaviour and conduct – a commitment arising from our heritage and present in everything we do. The Policy provides guidance on how to do business according to both high ethical standards and in alignment with our company values.