People Development

Talent Management

At Borealis, we develop and promote high performing employees (talents) for leadership and expert positions in order to achieve our strategic goals

We have clear expectations for our talents, both on the way of working and the competence side.

  • Nomination: Every year in November and December, we identify potential talents based on their previous performance and future growth potential.
  • Assessment: During the first quarter of the following year, we discuss and confirm their engagement as well as assess competencies together with the potential talents via Talent Dialogues and Development Centres.
  • Confirmation: At the beginning of the second quarter, we confirm the potential talents who fulfil our selection requirements of performance + potential + engagement.
  • Development: During the third quarter, individual assignments and learning contracts are agreed upon by the talent and his/her line manager. A mix of training modules, peer group learning, coaching, mentoring activities, assignments and on-the-job learning help prepare the talents for their new position.
  • Promotion: Talent Management endeavours are successful when each talent is ready for promotion to the agreed upon future target position.

Succession Planning

We aim to develop the majority of our key position holders internally

In the second quarter of each year, the leadership teams nominate potential successors for strategic key positions. This ensures that successors are identified in time to receive support for their development when needed to be well prepared for their next step. Overall, we aim to develop the majority of our key position holders internally. This aim is tracked and measured. Through the Succession Planning process, we optimise our opportunities for internal career moves yet ensure that we at the same time fill our pipeline of talents also externally.

Learning & Development

All employees need to have the right set of skills to fulfil or even exceed in their roles

Therefore People Development is an integral part of our People Process. People Development includes creating an Individual Development Plan (IDP) together with your line manager. The IDP consists of development actions which are agreed upon and reviewed at least every six months. These actions are then documented to assess their effectiveness. The majority of development actions consist of the following parts:

  • Training 10% - To ensure the necessary training, we offer many Borealis specific and general training courses via our Learning & Development Network
  • Tools 20% - With coaching, mentoring and peer group learnings, we offer additional tools to help our leaders and experts solve individual business and leadership challenges
  • On-the-job training 70% - We strongly believe in on-the-job training to apply and maintain learnings in real life situations