People Engagement

Delivering meaningful and measurable benefits for the individual, organisation and ultimately, society

At Borealis, we are committed to attaining high levels of Employee Engagement. We are convinced that this translates into better and more sustainable financial results as well as supports the retention and development of our valued employees. Ultimately, Employee Engagement is about unlocking our employees' potential and in doing so, delivering meaningful and measurable benefits for the individual, organisation and ultimately, society.

To this effect the company deploys various processes, tasks and tools in order to create the environment in which Employee Engagement can flourish, including our:

Borealis values

The Borealis values are the basis for how we work together and with our partners and external stakeholders.

Connect – Learn – Implement

The three company behaviours that guide us on how we should work with one another.

Connect Learn Implement
I am an active contributor of the team We continously learn from every mistake and success We assess opportunities and manage risks to get things done
To involve others I build bridges We create insights across boundaries I am committed to decisions and follow through
I am an ambassador for Respect and Trust I give and seek prompt feedback I deliver on agreed priorities and goals
People Survey

A tool we enlist as the platform for everyone at Borealis to give their feedback every second year. Based on the results, all teams define and communicate People Survey actions focused on improvement and development. The implementation of these action items is tracked closely and progress is shared openly.

People Dialogue

Open communication is encouraged amongst our employees and management. The following interactions support this action:

  • Corporate Co-operation Council (CCC): An integrative forum for the exchange of information between employees, top management and owners.
  • Open Forums: Local management teams update employees on company status, special topics and offer a Q&A session in an informal meeting setting.
  • Executive Board tours: An Executive Board member or senior vice president also hosts an open forum on an annual basis.
Performance Management

Performance Management is one of our key organisational people processes that impacts every one of our employees. "my Performance and Development System - myPDS" covers the following processes which are discussed during the year between an employee and his or her line manager to ensure continuous expectation exchange and feedback: 

  • Feedback on performance and behaviour
  • Goal setting and evaluation
  • Assessment of competences
  • Career aspiration, mobility and development
  • Feedback to line manager
  • Well-being