Sustainable Solutions in Beverage Packaging

Innovative and value creating plastic solutions

Packaging has an important role to play when it comes to protecting food and reducing food waste. To achieve more sustainability in the industry, packaging producers strive to use less material, but these solutions still need to deliver the same performance in order to maintain product quality, safety and packaging functionality. Borealis and Borouge, leading providers of innovative, value-creating plastics solutions, are working hard to deliver answers to this challenge and have introduced new solutions for beverage packaging.

BorPure™ MB5568 and MB5569: A step-change in lightweighting beverage closures

As the trend for lightweight bottles and closures gains momentum within the global beverage industry, Borealis and Borouge have launched two advanced grades of their BorPure organoleptic high density polyethylene (HDPE) family, BorPure™ MB5568 and MB5569, to support the industry's lightweighting trend for caps and closures. Both grades are organoleptic HDPE solutions suitable for carbonated soft drinks, teas and juices. With excellent mechanical properties such as superior environmental stress cracking performance and increased stiffness, they provide a platform for further lightweighting by maintaining appearance and performance for the end consumer.

The BorPure MB5568/9 innovation has come about as a response to several developments in the beverage industry over the last few years. As plastic resin accounts for the majority of a bottle's cost, the brand owners' main focus was initially on reduction of the PET preform weight of the bottle itself. This trend was also reflected in the shift from two-piece PP closures to single-piece HDPE closures, which allowed material and cost savings without compromising seal and barrier quality or functionality and convenience for the end consumer.

In the beverage industry, collation shrink packaging is essential in effectively assembling bottles and cans, keeping them together, efficiently transporting them through the supply chain and delivering them to the points of sale with the desired pack integrity and shelf appeal. It is also important to prevent the loss of food and beverages that have been produced with lots of energy and other valuable resources.

BorShape™ for streamlined collation shrink film solutions in the beverage industry

Through the combination of high performing BorShape™ polyethylene (PE), together with state-of-the-art five-layer polyolefin blown film technology and the newest collation shrink packaging machines, Borealis has developed innovative shrink film solutions for both standard collation shrink pack and KHS' FullyEnclosed FilmPack.

The FullyEnclosed FilmPack concept brings significant economic benefits by reducing the overall cost of the packaging up to 35% in eliminating the cardboard element, simultaneously reducing waste volume. The unique combination of BorShape with the latest state-of-the-art extrusion and packaging machines provides significant material savings, decreasing production costs and enables further carbon footprint reduction through use of less energy. The novel shrink films were developed in conjunction with key players in the collation shrink film value chain, including specialist input from Reifenhäuser on blown film extrusion, Bobst on flexo printing and KHS on the shrink packer manufacturer side.