Waste & Recycling

Plastics help reduce waste

Without plastics, there would be four times the volume of household waste. Thanks to continuous innovations, the weight of plastics and thus the amount of plastics used per product have continuously decreased over the years without compromising performance and durability. Ten years ago, the average plastic packaging weighed 28% more than today!

Borealis leads innovations that further reduce waste generation. For instance the new generation of BorstarĀ® PE materials allow a 25% reduction of material use for the same application using traditional materials.

Plastics have a second life

They can be recycled, reused and recovered at the end of their life-time. Therefore, plastics are too valuable to be thrown away or to end up in landfills or the marine environment. Plastics should be recycled and/or reused efficiently and responsibly given the world's limited resources and growing demand for primary resources including energy and water.

As part of its Value Creation through Innovation strategy, Borealis' plastic solutions are developed to allow the reduction, reuse, recycling or safe recovery of waste. Borealis has also developed new PP solutions that enable its customers to increase the use of recycled PP materials while achieving the same superior material characteristics.

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