The new Daplen™ PCR grades

A welcome addition to our portfolio of lightweight and natural fibre solutions

Created for use in interior, exterior and UTB automotive applications, the origins of the post-consumer recycled Daplen portfolio can be traced back to a collaborative development project with a European OEM partner. In fact, for the time being the Daplen grades will be produced, launched and marketed only in Europe, reflecting the enhanced awareness of environmental sustainability on the Continent. The availability of ready-made, high-end grades of consistent quality is sure to appeal to OEMs and Tier One suppliers, as the sustainable sourcing of product has been a generally challenging task thus far.

Grade Application/Features PCR content Talc content Virgin material content
Daplen ME225SY Interiors:
Door and trunk claddings, trims
High-level quality, enhanced   sustainability
25% 20% 55%
Daplen MD250SY UTB, Exterior
Bumper components, exterior trims
Good quality, enhanced   sustainability, cost benefit
50% 20% 30%
Daplen MD325SY UTB, Exterior
Good quality, enhanced   sustainability, cost benefit
25% 30% 45%

In short, our new Daplen grades offer improved sustainability yet continue to ensure process performance and cost efficiency at a level on par with virgin materials. Our new portfolio will help our customers and partners in the automotive industry meet rising stakeholder and regulatory demand for materials and applications with enhanced environmental sustainability.

For more on our new Daplen portfolio, please download our product brochure and contact your Borealis sales contact person or .