Borealis is a leading European plastomers and
elastomers supplier and innovator. Building on
our proprietary Borceed™ technology and
exciting brands such as Queo™, we provide
reliable solutions with added value.

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Reliable solutions for specialty film, moulding and extrusion coating

The Borealis Stamylex family of polyethylenes offers security and reliability for a variety of applications, including surface protection films, tie resin manufacturing and healthcare.

The diverse and varying requirements of the specialty film, moulding and extrusion coating industries require polyethylene (PE) solutions that are able to deliver the highest quality, reliability and versatility. Thanks to the added advantage of supply security and reliability we offer, our partners in industry have come to rely on the real advantages offered by our Stamylex family of polyethylenes for a variety of applications, including surface protection films, tie resin manufacturing, and healthcare.

Broad application range built on our proprietary Borceed™ solution technology

The Stamylex trade name refers to a family of high quality linear PEs spanning the range from high density polyethylene (HDPE) to very low density polyethylene (VLDPE). Our grade slate includes homopolymers as well as 1-octene, 1-butene and propylene copolymers, manufactured using a high performance Ziegler Natta catalyst in Borealis' versatile Borceed™ polymerisation process. Stamylex polyethylenes exhibit superior mechanical and processing characteristics and have a long-established reputation as specialty polyethylenes of the highest quality and consistency. The flexible manufacturing process results in a broad product range which is used in a variety of specialty film, moulding and extrusion coating applications.

Film applications

Stamylex blown and cast film grades cover a density range from specialty VLDPE sealing polymers (910 kg/m3) to high stiffness homopolymers (960 kg/m3). Due to the solution process and the characteristics of the octene copolymer, our grades exhibit:

  • Excellent sealing performance
  • Superior impact, tensile and breaking strength
  • Excellent optical properties with consistent low gel and impurity levels

Moulding applications

  • Stamylex polyethylenes are particularly suited for more demanding, specialty injection moulding applications.
  • Narrow molecular weight distribution, high purity, excellent organoleptics and a broad combination of densities and melt flow indices all contribute to the use of Stamylex grades in applications such as mineral water packaging, household products and technical articles.
  • The unique molecular structure of Stamylex PEs reduces internal stresses in moulded articles, even with extremely high flow path to wall thickness ratios.
  • Products moulded from Stamylex exhibit no warpage, are free from flow marks, and boast an appealing surface gloss.

Extrusion coating applications

  • Stamylex grades for extrusion coating are characterised by a narrow molecular weight distribution and high purity, enabling the production of films virtually free from gels or other impurities and offering excellent organoleptic properties.
  • Our octene-based copolymers also provide an excellent combination of environmental stress crack resistance, toughness and puncture resistance.

Dedicated to innovation

With over two decades of in-house experience, we are a leading European supplier and top innovator when it comes to specialty PE. Building on our proprietary technologies, we offer a broad and highly versatile range of solutions with built-in added value. In line with our stated mission to "Keep Discovering," we continue to improve our range of specialty resins in order to meet the rapidly evolving needs of our partners.


Enabling innovation with plastomers and elastomers

Queo™ is a range of multitalented polyolefin plastomers and elastomers that bridge the performance gap between conventional plastics such as polyethylene (PE) and conventional elastomers like ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM).

Plastomers markets around the world are exhibiting robust growth. Demand continues to rise for polymer solutions fulfilling sophisticated sealing, flexibility, compatibility and processability requirements. At Borealis Plastomers, we work together with our customers to develop new solutions and expand the wide range of applications that benefit from the unique characteristics of our Queo™ products. Produced using proprietary Borceed™ technology, Queo plastomers and elastomers combine many of the physical properties of a rubber with the processing advantages of a thermoplastic material.

Queo™ is multitalented

Our metallocene catalyst technology affords a highly efficient and consistent incorporation of octene comonomer into a polyethylene backbone. This results in

  • very low densities
  • low melting points
  • reduced crystallinity
  • improved flexibility and
  • low temperature impact performance.

Image: Comparison of select properties of polyolefin elastomers and plastomers. © Borealis.

Queo™ are tailored polymers with a range of unique performance attributes

  • Flexible: Queo™ has a highly amorphous structure, resulting in outstanding flexibility, good optical properties and very low temperature impact resistance.
  • Tough: A narrow molecular weight distribution and uniform comonomer incorporation make Queo exceptionally tough.
  • Competent: Queo offers best-in-class sealing performance with lower peak melting points, narrow melting ranges and excellent seal through contamination.
  • Team player: Queo is highly compatible with other polyolefins, allowing tailor-made blends to meet specific requirements.

Queo plastomers and elastomers: together we can

As an innovative and reliable provider of plastomers and elastomer solutions, our dedicated team of sales marketing and technical service is fully committed to working with you to improve your existing product offer, reduce costs, and expand into new end uses and markets. Queo plastomers and elastomers add value to a wide range of film, extrusion and moulding applications.

Interested in learning more about Queo™? Please visit us at for more information on our products, applications and proprietary Borceed™ technology.