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Leading the Charge: A lively look into our trailblazing Wire & Cable Webinar

At Borealis, webinars are not only an essential part of our communication strategy, but they also bring an exciting opportunity to connect with diverse audiences, including valued customers like you! We strive to keep everyone up-to-date and inspired by our latest innovations and developments in the industry. Recently, we hosted a dynamic and interactive webinar on our flame retardant (FR) wire and cable compounds, delving into the rapidly growing world of FR crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE) cables, with a special focus on the solar cable segment.
WEBINAR | 09.03.2023: Take your Flame Retardant XLPE cable production to the next level to be more efficient, innovative and sustainable

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A glimpse into our presentation

Throughout the event, we tackled key topics such as challenges associated with FR XLPE materials, introduced our groundbreaking Visico™ technology and showcased its advantages compared to competing technologies.

We also showcased our unique FR XLPE solutions, based on the Visico technology, which offer significant benefits in terms of high production efficiency and consistent quality. The current offerings include the groundbreaking halogen-free material approved for American low voltage cables (UL44 wires), Visico FR4450, and our proven solution for Solar Power Voltage (PV) cables, Visico FR4451.

Additionally, we addressed the REACH status of crosslinking catalyst DOTL and its potential impact on the cable industry. A live poll indicated that over 50% of the audience was unaware of REACH concerns regarding DOTL, emphasizing the importance of sharing such information within the industry.

Finally, in our commitment to innovation and sustainability, we presented the ongoing development of a new Visico FR compound and a sustainable crosslinking catalyst – aimed at replacing DOTL, which is listed as a Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC) under REACH.

Curiosity Piqued? Access the webinar recording on-demand today

Eager to expand your knowledge on FR XLPE solutions and Visico technology? Be sure to watch the recorded version and immerse yourself in the valuable information and expertise shared during the event:


Don’t forget to explore our full library of wire and cable-related recorded webinars for even more enlightening content!


💡 Any further questions? Then please reach out to:

Linus Karlsson
, Application Marketing Manager - Flame Retardant
✉ Email: linus.karlssono@borealisgroup.com

WEBINAR | 09.03.2023: Take your Flame Retardant XLPE cable production to the next level to be more efficient, innovative and sustainable

© Borealis

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