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Senior Product Owner

  • Location: USA, Port Murray
  • Type: Permanent
  • Application Deadline: 08/11/2018
  • Hours: Full-time

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Role Purpose: 

The role holder is a professional with command of diverse practices in applications and complex concepts and principles in product design and end use performance. This knowledge is acquired through deep and/or broad experience typically combined with an academic/ professional qualification. This person is well recognized within Borealis and in the industry as an expert in the given application and technology field. Executing product management activities & technical leadership for defined product segment and technology-/catalyst- platforms.

The primary purpose of this role is to:

Secure and support running business by:

  • Steering  Cost & Complexity optimization for defined product portfolio in a segment or technology platform and implementing improvement actions in alignment with DBM
  • Setting the general quality standards for commercial products for a segment or technology platform and having the ability to carry out customer and supplier Q-audits.
  • Provide highest technical expertise internally and externally e.g., for trouble shooting in production and at customers, value chain marketing projects, as well as for external presentations and industrial state-of-the-art training of internal engineers.
  • Lead technical investigation and decide on justification of critical and complex product claims
  • Independent identification and implementation of incremental product modifications across product portfolio or technology platform to improve product performance, reduce product cost, improve product quality or change asset source on segment / technology platform basis
  • Identifying and supporting the development of new applications & market opportunities for existing segments / technology platforms.
  • Contribute to ensure current and future product portfolio by
  • Proactive lead of product portfolio optimisation in a segment  or technology platform.
  • Lead technical implementation of new products & production technology enhancements across technology platforms
  • Propose and evaluate ideas and run technical pre-studies Manage and influence IPR strategy implementation in relevant segment or technology platform.
  • Additionally the role holder can act as Innovation Project team member for step change projects or programs, when expertise is requested.
  • Translate customer - and application – needs and related product- requirement into product-/ process- specifications for a segment or technology platform.


Area of responsibility


Product Ownership:

  • Management of Cost & Complexity optimization for defined product portfolio or technology platform and implementing improvement actions in alignment with DBM
  • Ensure legal compliance of relevant products incl. HSE check (e.g. commodity codes, REACH, standards/specifications etc.)
  • Define  and technically approve new or improved sourcing (Borealis assets or sub-contractors) in alignment with Operations and Asset Development.
  • Define quality standards of commercial grades for a segment or technology platform  according to DBM.
  • Independently running customer- and supplier quality audits.
  • Proactive develop and lead inititatives for product or production problem solving and quality improvement.
  • Initiate strategic sourcing initiatives for cost reductions for a segment
  • Lead raw material portfolio management for allocated technologies.
  • Be the lead technical when involved in auditing raw material suppliers on segment / technology level.
  • Classify and place non-FTR materials and slow movers for defined product slate on the market together with Sales and Marketing
  • Approve and implement different packaging options in a segment.
  • Define capabilities and limitations of own products, understand links between product design, manufacturing technology, processing and end-use application.
  • Support to or lead  technical investigation and decision on justification of critical or very critical product claims
  • Lead product or technology platrform related test run preparation and execution
  • Primary knowledge carrier for competitor benchmarking to support generation of value proposition with knowledge and understanding of competitor technology (processes, products, patents) and cost position
  • Lead technical part of initiatives, e.g. projects to improve working processes, quality improvement projects, cost reduction projects, strategic raw material projects, TBW projects etc.
  • Proactive contribution to reduction of NP by keeping product quality & consistency in alignment with DBM rules and related market needs.

Product modifications and application development:

  • Lead technical part of product modifications to upgrade existing products to meet market needs/specs or production needs (i.e. incremental developments, = using existing technology tools)
  • Translate customer - and application – needs and related product- requirement into product-/ process- specifications in a broader segment view.


  • Product/process development and IPR
    • Participate on request in IP innovation projects or programs (driven by PDO).
    • Lead test run preparation and execution for new products or technology platforms
    • Support market introductions of new products.
    • Actively prepare patent oppositions, swaps, appeals and enforcement actions in alignment with patent strategy
  • HSE&Q
    • Contribute to overall HSE&Q performance keeping high HSE&Q standards.
    • Secure HSE checks for Test runs and new products done and documented according to procedures.
  • Lead product management initiatives and TBW project teams.
  • Contacts with customers to understand market requirements and how our materials are used.
  • Lead investigation team (or technical part of it) for product complaints and claims, suggest actions to avoid reoccurrence, give feedback to rest of organisation.
  • Give technical support to Customers according to DBM rules.
  •  Technical lead in product/production audits from customers/end users
  • Lead technical part in product/production audits from authorities/ national bodies.
  • PM representative Technology forums and Quality Improvement projects.
  • Proactive PM representative in Application Marketing Teams (AMT) for key topics.
  • Proactive participation and technical advisor in Raw Material Buying TeamsDefine technical promotion of key products and technologies in cooperation with Marketing
  • Interaction to other Marketing functions, InnoTech, Asset development, Operations, Raw material sourcing, Supply Chain, Product Stewardship and BPM
  • Pro-actively seeking support from line manager and other key stakeholders when problem cannot be solved without additional support, including when expected time plan cannot be met.
  • Lead cross-functional project and technology teams (or the technical part of it) , 2-5 team members
  • Technically decides product management related topics in own area (1-7 segments) in alignment with DBM
  • Others as defined in relevant procedures (e.g. IP projects, TBW projects etc).



  • University degree Masters of Science or equivalent education and 9+ years experience, or Ph D and 7+ years experience in relevant area.
  • Deep knowledge in a field of polymer science and/or engineering.
  • Mastering the English language at technical level orally and in written.


  • Expert knowledge of materials, application, manufacturing, chemistry, physics, modelling, and/or processing.
  • Excellent product formulation – property – application relation knowledge.
  • Excellent knowledge in polymer production technologies. (Polymerisation & Catalyst)
  • Excellent knowledge of additives/ingredients functionality, availability, cost and quality.
  • Good IT-skills, including MS Office, SAP, Clarity etc.
    • Good understanding on commercial implication of technical solutions.
    • Good creativity and new route thinking.
    • Recognised within Borealis and outside Borealis for excellent technical expertise in his/her segment/technology/catalyst/application area.


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