1994 - 1997

Borealis: "from the north"


Borealis becomes operational

Lyngby, Denmark

Borealis becomes operational, with Neste and Statoil each holding 50%. Head office opens in Lyngby, Denmark. The name "Borealis" reflects the company's early Nordic roots, and is taken from the Latin word for "from the north."

Juha Rantanen becomes Borealis' first Chief Executive

Lyngby, Denmark
"We started from a clean sheet. This symbolised to everyone in the company to forget the past and focus on our future." – (Rantanen)

Start of Corporate Co-operation Council (CCC)

Lyngby, Denmark | Abu Dhabi, UAE

The Corporate Cooperation Council (CCC), an international forum in which employees from different locations across Borealis meet with members of management, is founded.

Introduction of Borealis Ethics Policy

Lyngby, Denmark

Borealis introduces the Borealis Ethics Policy, providing guidance on how to do business according to high ethical standards and in alignment with company values.


Start-up of first Borstar® polyethylene (PE) plant in Porvoo, Finland

Porvoo, Finland
"We were creating something that nobody had ever created before. And better than anybody had ever before. The spirit was excellent all the time. As soon as we had these wonderful white pellets in our hands, it was just a great feeling. " – (Viinanen)

Launch of annual Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Awards

Lyngby, Denmark

Annual Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Awards are launched.

Commitment to Responsible Care® Global Charter implementation

Lyngby, Denmark
"Borealis has been fully committed to Responsible Care® from the day we became operational where it counts most, in the countries where we have our main production sites." – (Benda Weibull, Corporate Vice President, HSE&O)


Svein Rennemo becomes Borealis’ Chief Executive

Lyngby, Denmark

Svein Rennemo becomes Chief Executive of the Borealis Group, succeeding Juha Rantanen, who had served as Chief Executive since 1994.

Sale of Borealis Industrier

Hisings Backa, Sweden

Borealis sells its wholly-owned subsidiary Borealis Industrier to Lear Corporation.

Takeover of management responsibility for North Sea Petrochemicals (NSP)

Antwerp, Belgium

Borealis takes over management responsibility for North Sea Petrochemicals (NSP) in Antwerp, a joint venture with Montell.

Start of joint venture with ADNOC

Abu Dhabi, UAE

ADNOC selects Borealis as joint venture partner to build and operate a world-class petrochemical complex in the UAE.


Sale of Neste’s 50% share in Borealis

Vienna, Austria | Abu Dhabi, UAE

Neste sells half of its 50% share in Borealis to OMV, the Austrian oil and gas group, and the remaining half to the International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC) of Abu Dhabi. Statoil retains its 50% share.

Aquisition of Montell Polyolefins' 50% share in North Sea Petrochemicals NV (NSP)

Kallo, Belgium

Borealis acquires Montell Polyolefins' 50% share of North Sea Petrochemicals NV (NSP), making Borealis the sole owner of the 250,000 tonnes per year (t/y) polypropylene (PP) plant in Kallo, Belgium.

1998 - 2000

Expanding in the Middle East


Creation of petrochemical complex in Abu Dhabi - Borouge

Abu Dhabi, UAE | Singapore, Singapore

ADNOC and Borealis agree to build and operate a petrochemical complex in Abu Dhabi and to establish a marketing company in Singapore. The joint venture is named Borouge.

Acquisition of PCD Polymere

Schwechat, Austria

Borealis acquires PCD Polymere from OMV, the Austrian oil and gas group, becoming the fourth-largest polyolefins producer in the world.


Launch of Borealis official homepage

Mechelen, Belgium

Borealis launches its official homepage, www.borealisgroup.com.


Construction and start-up of Borealis’ first Borstar® polypropylene (PP) plant in Schwechat, Austria

Schwechat, Austria

Construction and start-up completed at Borealis’ first Borstar® polypropylene (PP) plant in Schwechat, Austria. With an investment of EUR 140 million, the project is finished under budget and with a good safety record. Austria’s Minister of Economy and Labour inaugurates the plant.

Establishment of joint venture with Petroquímica S.A.

Itatiba, Brazil

Borealis and OPP Petroquímica S.A. of the Odebrecht Group agree to establish a joint venture compounding company in Brazil. Borealis-OPP is owned 80% by Borealis and is operational in December.

Launch of manufacturing joint venture with DuPont

Zwijndrecht, Belgium

Borealis and DuPont launch their 50-50 manufacturing joint venture, Speciality Polymers Antwerp N.V., in Zwijndrecht, Belgium.

2001 - 2006

Investing in the future


Start-up of new petrochemical complex in Ruwais, UAE

Ruwais, UAE

Borouge, a joint venture between Borealis and ADNOC, starts up a new, EUR 1.4 billion petrochemical complex in Ruwais, UAE. It consists of a 600,000 tonnes per year (t/y) ethylene cracker and two Borstar® polyethylene (PE) plants with a combined production capacity of 450,000 t/y.

John Taylor becomes Borealis' Chief Executive

Lyngby, Denmark

John Taylor becomes Chief Executive of the Borealis Group in April, succeeding Svein Rennemo, who had served as Chief Executive since 1996.

Retention of strong market position

Lyngby, Denmark

Borealis maintains its strong market position and increases market share in key segments despite a net loss of EUR 41 million for the year. To regain profitability, Borealis updates its strategy and sets the goal of becoming a leading, profitable and integrated polyolefins supplier.


Shipment of first commercial Borstar® polyethylene (PE)

Abu Dhabi, UAE

The Borouge joint venture petrochemical complex in the UAE ships its first commercial Borstar® polyethylene (PE) in January. It is officially inaugurated in October by the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi.

Introduction of new Borealis company values

Lyngby, Denmark

Borealis introduces its new company values: Responsible, Respect, Exceed and Nimblicity™. A unique bottom-up process resulting in a new addition to the English language, Nimblicity™ combines the essence of "nimble" and "simplicity."

Drop in recordable injuries by more than 50%

Lyngby, Denmark

Total recordable injuries (TRIs) per million working hours drop more than 50% to 4.0 from 8.4 in 2001, thanks to a group-wide focus on safety.


Redesign of Borealis' technology organisation

Lyngby, Denmark

Borealis' technology organisation is redesigned to accelerate the pace of innovation and ensure Borealis' future leadership in enhanced polyolefins. Four Innovation Centres are devoted to developing the next generation of polyolefins.


Launch of Shaping the Future with Plastics vision

Dusseldorf, Germany

Borealis launches its vision of Shaping the Future with Plastics at the October K Fair in Dusseldorf, Germany as part of a revitalised visual identity.

Improvement of safety and environmental performance

Lyngby, Denmark

Safety and environmental performance show marked improvement, with total recordable injuries (TRIs) of 2.4 per million working hours, down from 3.8 in 2003.

Sale of Portuguese operations to Repsol YPF

Sines, Portugal

The company reduces its European footprint from seven sites in 2001 to four operational hubs: Scandinavia (Norway and Sweden), Belgium, Central Europe (Austria and Germany) and Finland.


Purchase of Statoil's 50% shareholding in Borealis A/S by IPIC and OMV

Vienna, Austria | Abu Dhabi

The International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC) of Abu Dhabi and OMV Aktiengesellschaft of Austria agree to purchase Statoil’s 50% shareholding in Borealis A/S. The new Borealis ownership becomes 64% IPIC and 36% OMV.

Launch of Borstar® polyethylene (PE) 2G technology

Schwechat, Austria
"We are very proud to present the newest Borstar developments at a time when we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of our proprietary technology. " – (Henry Sperle, Executive Vice President Hydrocarbons & Projects, Borealis)

Receipt of prestigious DuPont Safety Award

London, UK

Borealis wins the prestigious DuPont Safety Award in the Business Impact category for individual and collective initiatives in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The award recognises Borealis’ successful business transformation since 2001, including a step change in safety across the Group (including contractors) which has contributed to overall operational excellence.


Linz, Austria

LINZER AGRO TRADE becomes the distribution entity of Borealis fertilizer and technical nitrogen products. The business model is also changed, with diversification of customers along the value chain.


Relocation of Borealis’ Head Office to Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria

Borealis moves its head office from Copenhagen, Denmark, to Vienna, Austria, reinforcing its European footprint and positioning it strategically at the centre of Europe, and closer to its owners.

Inauguration of new Borstar® polyethylene (PE) plant

Schwechat, Austria

OMV and Borealis inaugurate the new 350,000 tonnes per year (t/y) Borstar® polyethylene (PE) plant. Production capacity at the Borstar® polypropylene (PP) plant is expanded to 300,000 t/y, and OMV’s nearby cracker in Schwechat, Austria, from 650,000 to 900,000 t/y.

Closure of high density polyethylene (HDPE) plant in Bamble, Norway

Bamble, Norway
"Our polyethylene (LDPE) and polypropylene (PP) plants in Bamble in synergy with the total operations of hub Scandinavia and on cost competitive feedstock opportunities in the region. This is a further step by Borealis to strengthen its European operations. " – (Roy Vardheim, General Manager, Borealis Scandinavia)

2007 - 2010

Weathering the global financial crisis


Acquisition of Agrolinz Melamine International GmbH

Linz, Austria
"At the end of the day, I think that melamine and fertilizer made a far more significant contribution to Borealis than anybody could have imagined. " – (Mark Garrett)

Launch of Gulf Plastics Pipe Academy (GPPA)

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Borouge launches the Gulf Plastics Pipe Academy (GPPA) to promote the use of high-quality plastics pipe systems in the Middle East.

Sale of Borealis’ Norway-based petrochemical business to Ineos

Bamble, Norway

Borealis completes sale of Norway-based petrochemical business to Ineos. Worth EUR 290 million, the deal comprises a 175,000 tonnes per year (t/y) polypropylene (PP) unit and a 140,000 t/y low-density polyethylene (LDPE) unit, as well as a 50% share of the 557,000 t/y Noretyl gas cracker.

Formation of Base Chemicals business group

Linz, Austria

The Base Chemicals business group, which includes feedstocks and olefins, phenol and aromatics as well as melamine and fertilizer, is formed.

Launch of Water for the World™

Stockholm, Sweden | Vienna, Austria | Abu Dhabi, UAE

Borealis and Borouge launch Water for the World™ and become co-founders of the prestigious Stockholm Water Prize, contributing to the promotion and reward of leadership and best practices in water management and sanitation.


Mark Garrett becomes Borealis’ Chief Executive and Chairman of the Executive Board

Vienna, Austria

Mark Garrett officially succeeds John Taylor as Chief Executive and Chairman of the Executive Board. After many years running the Hydrocarbons business, Henry Sperle takes on a new position as EVP for Middle East and Asia. Two new members join the Board: Martin Kuzaj, EVP of the newly-formed Base Chemicals business group, and Daniel J. Shook, Chief Financial Officer.

Borealis scientist appointed to Giulio Natta Award’s Scientific Committee

Ferrara, Italy
"We are honoured to bring our expertise in polymer research to this prestigious Scientific Committee to help select recipients of this illustrious award. " – (Wim Roels, Borealis Vice President of Innovation and Technology)

Launch of first water footprint initiative in the plastics industry by Borealis and Uponor

Stockholm, Sweden
"This initiative is part of Borealis and Borouge Water for the World commitment to contribute to making a difference to a global challenge. We believe such a pioneering partnership can really advance sustainability across the value chain. " – (Lorenzo Delorenzi, Borealis Executive Vice-President)

​Update of Borstar® technology for polypropylene (PP)

Burghausen, Germany

New Borstar® technology takes Borealis’ polypropylene (PP) to next level in terms of purity, processability and performance.

Launch of Borealis Social Fund

Vienna, Austria

Borealis launches the Borealis Social Fund, dedicated to making a contribution to enhancing the welfare of the communities in which it operates. The fund promotes social projects in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.


Closure of HDPE plant in Beringen, Belgium

Beringen, Belgium

Closure of the high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plant in Beringen, Belgium, is announced.

Support in L’Aquila, Italy after earthquake - Acqua per L’Aquila

L’Aquila, Italy

"Acqua per L’Aquila": Borealis and System Group - Centraltubi support the construction of temporary housing facilities in L’Aquila, Italy, after a devastating earthquake. Borealis also announces it will donate water pipes urgently needed for the construction of such facilities.

Inauguration of the international Innovation Headquarters in Linz, Austria

Linz, Austria
"Our international Innovation Headquarters in Linz strengthens our leadership position as a strong partner in innovation, with comprehensive know-how in the development of value creating solutions. " – (Mark Garrett, Borealis Chief Executive)

Receipt of DuPont Safety Award

Dusseldorf, Germany
"We are very proud to receive this DuPont safety award. It recognises that Borealis has successfully managed to transfer the principle 'safety is our first priority' to our new family member. We will carry on working according to the highest health, safety and environmental standards to further strengthen our position as industry leader. " – (Ismo Pentti, Borealis Vice President Safety, Health and Environment)


Inauguration of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) plant following major investment in Stenungsund, Sweden

Stenungsund, Sweden

Borealis inaugurates its newly-upgraded low-density polyethylene (LDPE) plant in Stenungsund, Sweden. Over EUR 400 million has been invested in these facilities in order to fulfil growing worldwide demand for innovative wire and cable products.

Start-up of Borouge 2

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Borouge 2 starts up. The expansion triples Borouge's total manufacturing capacity to 2 million tonnes of polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) per year.

Appearance of Borealis, Borouge and Nova Chemicals together at joint event

Dusseldorf, Germany

First joint appearance for Borealis, Borouge and Nova Chemicals at the 2010 K Fair in Dusseldorf, Germany.

2010 - Today

Diversifying for sustainable growth


Inauguration of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) plant following major investment in Stenungsund, Sweden

Stenungsund, Sweden

Borealis inaugurates its newly-upgraded low-density polyethylene (LDPE) plant in Stenungsund, Sweden. Over EUR 400 million has been invested in these facilities in order to fulfil growing worldwide demand for innovative wire and cable products.

Start-up of Borouge 2

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Borouge 2 starts up. The expansion triples Borouge's total manufacturing capacity to 2 million tonnes of polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) per year.

Appearance of Borealis, Borouge and Nova Chemicals together at joint event

Dusseldorf, Germany

First joint appearance for Borealis, Borouge and Nova Chemicals at the 2010 K Fair in Dusseldorf, Germany.


Investment in steam cracker plant in Stenungsund, Sweden

Stenungsund, Sweden

Borealis invests EUR 7.8 million to convert a naphtha cavern to butane use in its Stenungsund, Sweden, steam cracker plant. The largest of its kind in Europe, the new cavern will further optimise the plant's feed flexibility.


Sofia, Bulgaria

LINZER AGRO TRADE extends its network with the opening of a new subsidiary in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia. The new sales office is part of the company's expansion programme into Southeast Europe.

Introduction of OPEX ("operational excellence") programme

Vienna, Austria

The OPEX ("operational excellence") programme is introduced, improving working processes in order to proactively manage risks and change, and to enable employees to learn from incidents and share their knowledge and experience across the company. OPEX is set to improve leadership and technical skills throughout the company.

Launch of Winning through Excellence programme

Vienna, Austria

The programme was launched as an umbrella programme supporting Borealis' improvement initiatives in its core innovation, operations and commercial areas. Along with projects focused on these specific areas, a number of cross-functional projects have also been initated to ensure optimal alignment. The programme also includes an over-arching "Behavioral Excellence" initiative which focuses on driving an overall mind set change within the organisation to ensure that the programme deliverables become fully embedded and sustained for the future.


Acquisition of PEC-Rhin S.A. from GPN

Ottmarsheim, France
"We are happy to welcome our new colleagues in Ottmarsheim to the Borealis Group. PEC-Rhin with its assets on the border between France and Germany on the Rhine river is certainly most complementary to our current fertilizer business, which is mainly focused on the Danube-region. " – (Mark Garrett, Borealis Chief Executive)

Launch of Borlink™

Dusseldorf, Germany

At the Wire Dusseldorf trade fair, Borealis and Borouge launch Borlink™, a step change innovation in the power and cable industry.

Receipt of Giulio Natta Award 2012

Ferrara, Italy

Peter Denifl has distinguished himself throughout his professional life by his high scientific capabilities.Alfred Stern, Borealis Senior Vice President for Innovation and Technology


Acquisition of DEXPlastomers in Geleen, The Netherlands

Geleen, Netherlands
"We are happy to welcome our new colleagues in Geleen to the Borealis Group and look forward to a successful integration. Both companies develop innovative solutions with added value for our customers; our products are complementary and will broaden our current product portfolio. " – (Mark Garrett, Borealis Chief Executive)

Inauguration of revolutionary Sirius catalyst plant in Linz, Austria

Linz, Austria
"With today's inauguration of the new plant, we are not only strengthening our research expertise, but also our overall leadership role in the area of catalysts. We are positioning ourselves as a powerful partner in innovation in the development of high-quality product solutions. " – (Mark Garrett, Borealis Chief Executive)

Acquisition of GPN S.A. and majority of Rosier S.A.

Moustier, Belgium | Sas van Gent, The Netherlands | Gratecap, Grandpuits, Grand-Quevilly, France
"These acquisitions are in line with our strategy to grow our fertilizer business, to keep our number 1 position in Central and Eastern Europe and to become a leading producer in Europe." – (Mark Garrett, Borealis Chief Executive)

Closure of outdated high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plants in Burghausen, Germany

Burghausen, Germany

Borealis announces it will cease production at its outdated high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plant in Burghausen, Germany, at the end of 2014, thus optimising and safeguarding the location as a polypropylene (PP) production site for the long run.


Borealis celebrates its 20th anniversary, marking the event with new positioning and a new slogan

Vienna, Austria
""'Keep Discovering' encapsulates perfectly what we as a company already do well: pushing ourselves to new boundaries in order to create more value for Borealis partners and customers." " – (Mark Garrett, Chief Executive)

Step-change HVDC innovation

Paris, France

Introduced to industry partners at the 2014 Cigré Session in Paris, the new BorlinkTM grade supports extruded DC transmission at extra high voltages. High voltage direct current (HVDC) power transmission supports long-distance electricity transport without significant losses, providing higher efficiency and increased sustainability.

Launch of N-Pilot®

Outarville, France

European roll-out of the N-Pilot®, an innovative new diagnostic tool to help optimise nitrogen fertilizer application, begins. As one of the leading fertilizer producers in Europe, Borealis continues to find innovative solutions to make agriculture more efficient and sustainable.

Borouge 3 start-up

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Successful start-up of the world’s largest ethane cracker in June and commencement of operations at three polyolefin plants. This complex expansion project will result in a twofold increase in total production capacity to 4.5 million tonnes of polyolefins, making Borouge the largest integrated olefins/polyolefins complex in the world.


Record net profit of EUR 988 million in 2015

Vienna, Austria

Borealis achieves an extraordinary record result improving further on the record result realised in 2014. Each profit centre – Base Chemicals, Polyolefins, and the Borouge joint venture – sees an improved performance compared to the previous year. This good financial performance is supported by favourable polyolefin market conditions.  

Ongoing investment in cracker upgrade and revamp in Stenungsund, Sweden

Stenungsund, Sweden

Borealis announces a EUR 160 million investment in its production location in Stenungsund, Sweden. The investment entails the upgrade and revamp of four cracker furnaces to the highest currently available standards in process safety and energy efficiency. Borealis' Stenungsund crackers offer world-class feedstock flexibility as well as Europe's largest feedstock storage capacity.

Plant turnarounds in Porvoo, Finland, and Stenungsund, Sweden

Porvoo, Finland | Stenungsund, Sweden

Within two turnarounds, Borealis temporarily takes its plants in Porvoo, Finland, and Stenungsund, Sweden, off stream to carry out maintenance. 

Investment in facilities in Itatiba, Brazil, to expand South American presence

Itatiba, Brazil

With a total investment of around EUR 45 million, the ongoing Itatiba expansion project is a vital component of the Borealis long-term growth strategy in South America. Borealis has now passed another milestone on the way to continued expansion of global supply capabilities. 

​ Further implementation of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy 

Vienna, Austria

Further embedding of environmental and social criteria in decision-making processes regarding innovation and investment projects

His Excellency Suhail Mohamed Faraj Al Mazrouei becomes Chairman and Rainer Seele Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board 

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Borealis announces the appointment of His Excellency Suhail Al Mazrouei, Managing Director of International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC), to its Supervisory Board and the position of Chairman of the Supervisory Board. Among other leadership roles, Suhail Al Mazrouei is also Energy Minister of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Chairman of several other UAE and international companies. Rainer Seele, CEO of OMV, is appointed as Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board. 

Successful start-up of all Borouge 3 polyolefins plants

Ruwais, UAE

In 2014, the Borouge 3 mega-project saw the start-up of the world’s largest ethane cracker, one polypropylene (PP), and two polyethylene (PE) plants. Now the successful start-up continues with the low density polyethylene plant (LD1) and the second polypropylene plant. All five polyolefin plants are running as planned and Borouge is well on track to bring the total polyolefin production capacity to 4.5 million tonnes. Only one unit has yet to be started up in 2016. 

Inauguration of new Borouge Innovation Centre in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Abu Dhabi, UAE

The inauguration of the new Borouge Innovation Centre in Abu Dhabi is one clear sign that Borealis and Borouge pursue Value Creation through innovation with the same dedication. 

Extension of successful OMV supply agreement in Austria and Germany to 2028. 

Vienna, Austria

OMV, the integrated, international oil and gas company, and Borealis are extending their successful cooperation. A cooperation agreement for a further 11 years from 2018 until 2028 is going to be signed.

Joint venture agreement with Neste and Veolia to build new combined heat and power plant in Porvoo, Finland

Porvoo, Finland

Neste, Veolia and Borealis have agreed to create a joint venture company to build a new combined heat and power plant and produce and supply steam and other utilities to Neste's refinery and Borealis' petrochemical plant in Porvoo, Finland. 

Agreement with Agrifos Partners LLC to develop ammonia production project on the Texas Gulf Coast

Texas, USA

Borealis and Agrifos Partners LLC, a project development company, have reached a preliminary agreement to jointly develop a world-scale ammonia project through Gulf Coast Ammonia LLC (GCA). The plant will be located within an existing chemical site along the Texas Gulf Coast. 


Safety first: yet another step closer to Goal Zero with a TRI rate per million hours worked of 0.9

Vienna, Austria
"Borealis realised a very strong safety performance in 2016. The Total Recordable Injuries (TRI) rate improved significantly from 1.4 in 2015 to 0.9 in 2016. Focus on safety will be enhanced in all areas of Borealis operations, and the goal of zero accidents for both employees and contractors will remain the number one priority. At Borealis we never put financial results above safety, ethics or our values. " – (Mark Garrett, Borealis Chief Executive)

Record net profit of EUR 1.1 billion in 2016

Vienna, Austria
"The most impressive achievement of 2016 is clearly our outstanding financial performance. For the first time in the history of the company, we have been able to cross the threshold of EUR 1 billion net profit. I am sure that many people who started the journey with Borealis in 1994 would never have dreamt that one day, we would have a net profit in the 10-figure range. This shows just how far the company has come. To end 2016 with such a result has been a remarkable journey of which all our people should be proud. " – (Mark Garrett, Borealis Chief Executive)

Borouge 3 plant expansion project successfully completed

Ruwais, UAE

With the start-up of the new cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) plant, the Borouge 3 plant expansion project has now been brought to a successful close. Borouge 3, the world’s biggest integrated polyolefins complex, is now running at full capacity of 4.5 million tonnes/year. Together, Borealis and Borouge now have an annual polyolefin production capacity of 8 million tonnes.

Acquisition of German recyclers mtm plastics GmbH and mtm compact GmbH

Niedergebra, Germany

Borealis fully acquires the German plastics recyclers mtm plastics GmbH and mtm compact GmbH, the technology leader in post-consumer waste recycling and producer of post-consumer polyolefin recyclates. This acquisition underlines Borealis’ commitment to the circular economy and puts the company in the industry pole position with regard to plastics recycling. 

Navigator Gas agreement ensures security of ethane supply for production facilities in Stenungsund, Sweden

Stenungsund, Sweden

Borealis signs a contract with Navigator Gas for the long-term time charter of the newly-built vessel “Navigator Aurora”. This vessel is currently the world’s largest ethane carrier and will ensure reliable and cost-efficient ethane supply to Borealis’ production facilities in Stenungsund, Sweden. 

Feasibility study for construction of world-scale dehydrogenation plant in Kallo, Belgium

Kallo, Belgium

Borealis announces the launch of a feasibility study for a new propane dehydrogenation (PDH) plant at its production site in Kallo, Belgium. The new plant would be one of the largest and most efficient facilities of its kind in the world.

Investment in melamine and fertilizer plants in Linz, Austria

Linz, Austria

Borealis invests EUR 80 million in the melamine and fertilizer production location in Linz, Austria. The investment ensures the long-term competiveness of this location. 

Investment in turnaround in Ottmarsheim, France 

Ottmarsheim, France 

Borealis announces EUR 55 million investment in the turnaround of the Ottmarsheim, France, production location. 

Investment in cracker upgrade in Porvoo, Finland

Porvoo, Finland

Borealis invests EUR 40 million to upgrade the stream cracker in Porvoo, Finland. This upgrade will improve the performance and energy efficiency of the cracker.  

Agreement signed to build new power plant in Porvoo, Finland 

Porvoo, Finland 

Neste, Veolia and Borealis agree to create a joint venture company to build a new combined heat and power plant in Porvoo, Finland. The company, Kilpilahti Power Plant Limited ("KPP"), will be owned 40% each by Neste and Veolia and 20% by Borealis. 

Borealis, Borouge and NOVA Chemicals at K Fair 2016 

Dusseldorf, Germany

Borealis shocases its value-creating polyolefin innovations developed in collaboration with local partners for the global market at the world’s premier fair for the plastics and rubber industry

Borstar®-based Full PE Laminate solution improves recyclability of flexible packaging materials 

Vienna, Austria

Borealis’ new Borstar®-based Full PE Laminate solution gives polyethylene-based packaging materials a second life as valuable end products, without compromising on product efficiency or integrity. 

Borceed™ becomes new brand name for the Queo™ platform, whose portfolio of plastomers is simultaneously extended

Vienna, Austria

Borealis announces the extension of its Queo™ polyolefin plastomers (POP) portfolio through the launch of three new polyolefin elastomers (POE) grades. It also announces the rebranding of the Compact technology, which will now be known as Borceed™. Borceed technology enables flexible materials exhibiting both plastic and elastomeric properties and is the platform supporting Borealis' Queo products.