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Post Reactor Technology

What does Post Reactor Technology stand for?

Based on Borealis' proprietary Borstar® process technology, a range of post reactor technologies are used to add more product functionalities. These include compounding of diverse mineral fillers and glass fibres which significantly extends key polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) properties to enable their use in demanding applications that are crucial for modern society such as automotive, appliances and infrastructure. The Fibremod™ family of engineered short (SGF) and long glass fibre (LGF) compounds is bringing lightweight, temperature resistance, extra strength and impact performance to a wide range of applications.

Post Reactor Technology

In addition to Fibremod, the market-leading high melt strength (HMS) PP Daploy™ product generation and technology gives Borealis a leading global supplier position for long chain branched HMS PP. Daploy HMS PP solutions make a significant contribution towards material savings, weight reduction and improved processability for Foam, Coating and Blown Film applications. This enables both sustainability and cost-efficiency advantages for the manufacturer.

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