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Borealis demonstrates commitment to the highest sustainability standards with ISCC PLUS certification for Ecoplast site

Foto: Ecoplast wird zum ersten ISCC PLUS-zertifizierten mechanischen Polyolefinrecycler Österreichs.

© Borealis

  • Ecoplast site becomes the first ISCC PLUS-certified polyolefin mechanical recycler in Austria
  • The certification is evidence of Borealis’ commitment to upholding the highest sustainability standards
  • In the spirit of EverMindsTM, this represents another step by Borealis towards achieving its ambitious circular economy targets

Borealis is pleased to announce that its subsidiary Ecoplast Kunststoffrecycling GmbH, a polyolefin mechanical recycler based in Wildon, Austria, has received the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC PLUS). ISCC PLUS is a global certification that covers the entire supply chain, from raw material to final product, guaranteeing compliance with highest standards for ecological and social sustainability, greenhouse gas emissions savings, and traceability. Ecoplast is the first polyolefin mechanical recycler in Austria to gain the certification.

Ecoplast processes around 40,000 tonnes of post-consumer plastic waste from households and industrial consumers every year, turning them into high-quality LDPE and HDPE recyclates, primarily for the plastic film market. It now joins a number of Borealis’ European sites that have received the ISCC PLUS accreditation, including Porvoo (Finland), Schwechat (Austria), Kallo and Beringen (Belgium), Stenungsund (Sweden) and Burghausen (Germany).

A commitment to the highest sustainability standards

The certification represents further progress towards the circular transformation of the plastics industry. With demand for circular plastics steadily growing, it provides Borealis’ customers even more confidence in the traceability of Ecoplast recyclates, supporting them to meet their sustainability targets.

As Chris McArdle, Borealis Vice President Circular Economy Solutions & New Business Development, explains, “The ISCC PLUS certification is a standard that is well-recognised by all stakeholders. With Ecoplast becoming one of the first ISCC PLUS-certified mechanical recyclers in Europe, complementing its already high safety and quality standards, we’re pleased to be able to stay ahead of our customers’ demands for high-performance, sustainability-assured circular solutions.”

Another step towards closing the loop on plastics waste

Reaffirming Borealis’ position as a market leader in circular plastics solutions, the certification will also support Borealis to meet its own ambitious circular economy goals. Mechanical recycling as carried out at the Ecoplast site is a key component of the circular cascade model, which reflects Borealis’ integrated approach to closing the loop on plastic waste.

By 2025, Borealis targets a six-fold increase in its share of circular products and solutions, or 600 kilotons. By 2030, the volume of circular products and solutions is set to reach 1.8 million tons globally, turning today’s plastic waste into a valuable resource.
Lucrèce Foufopoulos, Borealis Executive Vice President of Polyolefins, Circular Economy Solutions and Innovation & Technology, comments: “Driving progress on plastics circularity is our number one priority. The certification of our asset park is yet another important step to reshape the plastics ecosystem and, jointly with our clients, reinvent essentials for sustainable living.”

Interested in Ecoplast and mechanical recycling? Find out more by watching this video.


Media contact:

Borealis Group Communications

Virginia Wieser, Lena Lehner
Group Media desk
T +43 1 22 400 899 (Vienna, Austria)
Foto: Ecoplast wird zum ersten ISCC PLUS-zertifizierten mechanischen Polyolefinrecycler Österreichs.

© Borealis

2023 01 17 MR Ecoplast ISCC Plus certification EN Englisch, Deutsch
Foto: Ecoplast wird zum ersten ISCC PLUS-zertifizierten mechanischen Polyolefinrecycler Österreichs. © Borealis
Group Media Desk
+43 1 22 400 899 (Vienna, Austria)

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