Borouge to be part of China’s
growing and increasingly
sophisticated automotive industry

In 2010, the Borouge Shanghai compound manufacturing plant commenced operation with an annual capacity of 50,000 tonnes. The plant underwent its first expansion to increase its capacity to 90,000 tonnes per year at the end of 2015, with the addition of two new production lines. The plant’s next expansion will increase its capacity to 125,000 tonnes per year, and has entered its FEED stage (Front End Engineering and Design) which includes two additional compounding lines.

 “We are always focused on intelligent growth, and so we’ve decided that it’s the right time to start this phase of expansion at our compounding facility in Shanghai to cater to the tremendous growth of the automotive market,” said Wim Roels, CEO of Borouge Pte Ltd, “As demand grows, so does Borouge.”

 With a proven track record in developing innovative plastics solutions for the automotive market, Borouge delivers a portfolio of customised mobility solutions for lightweight exterior and interior components, and under-the-bonnet applications. Electric vehicles are emerging as a growing phenomenon in China, and Borouge’s advanced mobility solutions will play a vital role in making electric cars lighter and more efficient.

 “In step with China’s electric vehicle trend, and increased emphasis on manufacturing excellence, the market demands more and increasingly sophisticated material solutions. We are well positioned to meet this demand. Beyond volume growth, we’re focused on expanding our portfolio of differentiated solutions to meet this demand.”

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