The new ingredient for complete success in flexible packaging.

Borealis and Borouge have high performing bimodal polyethylene resins now available, exhibiting outstanding mechanical performances in flexible packaging together with exceptional processing behaviour allowing lower energy consumption during extrusion.

Borstar® technology did not deliver high transparent sealing material until today. Now the combination of the Borstar Bimodal Technology together with a smart catalyst design has allowed the development of the next generation of bimodal terpolymers, offering all the benefits of Borealis and Borouge’s well-known Borstar PE products, alongside excellent sealing performances and good optical properties.

As the key ingredient for higher performance and more sustainable multilayer applications, Anteo™ opens up a range of exciting application opportunities thanks to its unique combination of superior end-use properties.

Having been tested and confirmed by over 100 Borealis and Borouge customers around the globe, the proven benefits of Anteo span the entire value chain.

Anteo™. The new ingredient for complete success.
Anteo™. The new ingredient for complete success.

Who is Anteo?

Anteo is the one who goes ahead. Anteo is a new family of high purity and transparent Borstar Bimodal Terpolymers (BBT) offering similar performances of commercially available metallocene, high alpha olefin LLDPE, in the flexible film market but with:

  • Easy process ability, enabling faster throughput and/or less energy consumption during film production
  • Outstanding sealing performances, offering a wider sealing window but also lower SIT and better hot tack performances
  • Good optics
  • Step improvement in puncture and tear resistance
  • Excellent organoleptics

This overall set of performances exceeding the existing sealant that the (m)LLDPE market offers, makes Anteo the best choice for a sealing material, but also for other flexible films where a boost in mechanical performances is needed.

Borealis and Borouge full solution provider in high demanding applications

Anteo BBT family completes the Borealis and Borouge polyethylene portfolio in flexible packaging offering. Once Anteo is combined with BorShape™, Borstar LL, Queo™, PP and LDPE, there are unlimited possibilities that can deliver the best in class, full Borealis and Borouge solutions in high demanding applications like:

  • Food packaging, laminated packaging, detergent and personal care packaging, stand up pouches but also pet food packaging where shelf appeal, pack integrity and fast speed packaging forming filling and sealing are key
  • Frozen food packaging where both pack integrity but also puncture resistance are key
  • Heavy Duty Shipping Sacks where ideal balance in pack integrity and stiffness is key
  • Stretch hoods where puncture resistance, sealing and stretchability are key.

The smart combination of BorShape, Borstar LLDPE together with Anteo pushes the whole packaging performances to the highest level that allow a further two digit downgauging potential to meet cost competitiveness and sustainability market requirements.

Anteo™. The new ingredient for complete success in YOUR applications.


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