Borstar® Bimodal

Our Borstar® technology resins offer flexible extrusion qualities and superior mechanical properties

Generating value in blown film extrusion, converting and packaging

Advanced packaging solutions must fulfil ever more sophisticated and varying criteria according to the needs of manufacturers, converters, brand owners and ultimately end consumers. Materials solutions must be sustainable, cost efficient and highly functional in order to accommodate rapidly evolving market requirements.

Based on the bimodal polymer design concept, our Borstar® technology resins offer the flexible extrusion qualities of traditional low density polyethylene (LDPE) combined with the superior mechanical properties of high alpha olefin linear products. This combination facilitates increased production efficiency with value-generating potential in blown film extrusion as well as in converting and packaging.


Borstar enhances efficiency and performance

Our Borstar polyethylene (PE) technology products include:

  • Borstar LLDPE
  • BorShape™ LLDPE
  • BorLite™ LLDPE

All of our grades are ideally suited for extrusion on all blown film lines, including coextrusion and blends as well as coextrusion with high density polyethylene (HDPE) on high neck HD extrusion lines.

Key processing elementsMain benefits
Bubble stabilityProduction regularity
Few bubble breaksFull film thickness range
No melt fractureHigh output
Draw downRecipe standardisation
Lower melt pressure vs. LLDPEFast transitions
Well suited for coextrusion
Production efficiency
BlendabilityReduced production cost

The unique combination of stiffness and mechanical properties such as tear, impact and yield strength offers genuine downgauging potential for packaging film. Features traditionally obtained by coextruded structures, combining blends of different PEs in each structure, may be achieved with a single material and in most cases with a thinner film.

Key processing elementsMain benefits
Very high toughnessImproved film strength
High impact vs. stiffnessStiffer films at retained toughness
Extremely low gelsDowngauging
High toughness at frozen conditionsImproved film quality
Matt surfacePrinting quality


Easy COF control

When compared to traditional PEs, the controlled comonomer distribution results in low taste and odour levels as well as in improved low-temperature properties. Furthermore, films made of Borstar technology grades have a high seal strength and hot tack force.

Driving innovation in advanced packaging solutions

We have been a leading supplier of superior polyolefin plastics for advanced packaging and fibre solutions for over 50 years. Our unique Borstar® technology supports a broad field of applications in the manufacture of film, fibre, coating and thermoforming products. Thanks to solid partnerships and long-term cooperation with leading machine manufacturers, we can continue to develop revolutionary plastics solutions that inspire the applications of tomorrow while at the same time addressing the challenges of today: from sustainability to cost competitiveness, from film performance to packaging integrity.

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