PP Blown Film

Our film industry customers and partners know they can rely on our PP grades thanks to their excellent performance and superior properties.

Better performance across a variety of applications

Recent polypropylene (PP) developments in regard to polymer structure (co-polymers) and special nucleation systems have made it possible to use PP in a much more economical way on blown film lines with air cooling. The latest breakthroughs in coextrusion technology now support the exploitation of the full potential of PP.


We have a grade to cover your application needs

High stiffness in blends or as coextrusion layer offers:

  • Downgauging potential
  • Very good conversion on packaging equipment
  • Good film flatness / punching quality

High heat deflection temperature enables:

  • Sterilisation up to 145°C, depending on individual PP grade and conditions
  • Hot fill applications

Good optical properties, including:

  • Surface gloss
  • High transparency

Converters enjoy a wide variety of applications

GradeMarket need / propertyApplications
Heterophasic copolymer BA110CFBalanced stiffness / toughness ratio, sterilisableLaminated film for food packaging, monoaxial oriented film, hygienic film, siliconisable film
Enhanced heterophasic copolymer BC918CFHigh stiffness / toughness balance, good optics after sterilisationStand-up pouch, label film
Random copolymer RB707CFHigh stiffness and very good opticsLabel film, laminated film, food packaging
Random copolymer RB709CFExcellent clarity and sealingLabel film, laminated film, food packaging
Random / heterophasic copolymer SA233CFLow temperature resistance, high softness and toughnessHygienic film, industrial packaging, stand-up pouch

Driving innovation in advanced packaging solutions

We have been a leading supplier of superior polyolefin plastics for advanced packaging and fibre solutions for over 50 years. Our unique Borstar® technology supports a broad field of applications in the manufacture of film, fibre, coating and thermoforming products. Thanks to solid partnerships and long-term cooperation with leading machine manufacturers, we can continue to develop revolutionary plastics solutions that inspire the applications of tomorrow while at the same time addressing the challenges of today: from sustainability to cost competitiveness, from film performance to packaging integrity.

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