Our unique plastomers brand Queo™ delivers a range of unique performance attributes including superior sealing, flexibility, compatibility and processability.

Bridging the gap between plastics and elastomers

Queo plastomers are a range of low-density ethylene copolymers made possible by combining metallocene catalyst technology with the Borceed™ solution polymerisation process. The comonomer used by Borealis plastomers is octene. As the name implies, plastomers bridge the gap between plastics and elastomers. They exhibit many of the physical properties of a rubber and combine this with the processing advantages of a thermoplastic.

Polyolefin ElastomersPolyolefin Plastomers
Density kg/m³ ISO1183 860 870 880 890 900 910
DSC Peak melting point °C ISO11357 40 60 75 85 95 105
Flexural modulus Mpa ISO178 5 10 20 40 70 130

What do Queo™ plastomers deliver?

Our metallocene catalyst technology affords a highly efficient and consistent incorporation of octene comonomer into a polyethylene backbone. This results in low density and ensures precisely defined polymers with a range of unique performance attributes:

  • Lower peak melting points and narrower melting ranges, providing controlled sealing performance and superior sealing against contaminations
  • Flexural modulus similar to elastomers and thermoplastic behaviour without plasticisers or polar comonomers
  • Exceptional compatibility with other polymers and elastomers to provide tailored attribute-blending opportunities
  • Outstanding clarity
  • Very low extractables
  • Exceptional toughness

Queo plastomers add value in a wide range of film applications, many of which have been demonstrated to exceed the requirements of the plastomer attributes. As a result, Queo plastomers are extensively used as a blend partner, offering the opportunity to tailor performance to the cost balance of finished articles.

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