High Voltage (HV) Cables

Our Borlink™ solutions for high voltage applications deliver excellent performance, increase efficiency, decrease production costs and help reduce the environmental impact of our expanding infrastructure.

High voltage, high performance

Across the world, a confluence of environmental, social and economic factors has led to the need to upgrade ageing high voltage (HV) networks in developed countries and build new transmission networks, especially in emerging nations. Now more than ever, network operators must ensure the secure, reliable and economically efficient transmission of electricity; the minimisation of losses during transmission (especially over great distances); the fast installation of new lines and refurbishment of outdated ones; the integration of energy from new (renewable) energy sources – all while keeping environmental impact to a minimum.

Connecting renewable energy sources
Connecting renewable energy sources

Borlink™ XLPE insulation enhances network performance, reduces costs

As one response to current and future challenges in grid performance and supply reliability, underground cable networks have become increasingly viable alternatives to traditional overhead lines thanks to advances in technology and reductions in overall system costs. Borealis has developed the Borlink™ technology platform, a complete global package of power cable compounds and expertise with applications for HV, including extra high voltage (EHV) and high voltage direct current (HVDC). Based on our enhanced base resin technology (Supercure), Borlink insulation compounds are unique and innovative materials offering superior cleanliness essential for reliable high performance. For manufacturers, these compounds provide:

  • Increased scorch safety during cable extrusion, lowering risk of insulation defects
  • Long cable production runs
  • Reduced degassing time burden optimising production, with 10-20% shorter production cycles possible and the subsequent reduction of associated capital costs.

And for system operators, Borlink HV solutions offer long-term reliability, overall safety and low-loss HVDC technology.

Cleanliness is key to top performance in the long term 

Our proprietary Borlink solutions based on XLPE insulation compounds and semiconductive inner and outer shield compounds have become the preferred compounds of choice for HV underground cables. They are cost effective, highly reliable, have low dielectric losses and low environmental impact.

To ensure cable system reliability, the use of high quality and clean XLPE compounds is essential to avoid reduction in insulation performance and even critical system failure. Borlink XLPE insulation compounds are produced in contamination-free environments according to a closed or controlled loop system and delivered in Borlink octabins filled under clean room conditions. This ensures the level of cleanliness required to achieve consistent and reliable long-term performance.

At higher electrical stresses, a smooth interface between insulation and shielding increases the potential of maintaining an uninterrupted power supply. Our Borlink semiconductive compounds have been optimised to provide the required smooth and even surfaces which eliminate surface pips, reduce electrical stresses and minimise the risk of power failure.

Leading global supplier with a proven track record

Our Borlink technology stands for reliability, continuity and security, and enables continuous innovation step-changes. Borlink serves as the platform to work together with the entire energy infrastructure value chain to establish innovative solutions that address the challenges of an increasingly connected world. By working together with Borealis, producers and operators enjoy access to high-quality and reliable solutions which help meet rising demand for electricity and facilitate rapid infrastructure growth. We have a unique and impressive industry track record spanning decades of operational experience in HV, EHV and HVDC, yet we never stop innovating. And by continually investing in state-of-the-art production facilities, we can maintain the consistently high production cleanliness levels which are required for the most demanding applications.

Building Europe's future electricity networks with high quality underground and subsea cables

As an associated member of Europacable we are supporting VISUALIZING ENERGY 2014 highlighting the role of renewables in the energy transition. We are the leading supplier of materials used for high quality underground and subsea cables. These cables will be an essential part of Europe's future electricity networks. At Borealis we are committed to bringing energy all around.

Bringing energy all around

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