Medium Voltage (MV) Cables

Borlink™ technology lies at the heart of our MV insulation system, allowing increases in cable production output while maintaining excellent long-term electrical performance and reducing production costs and the overall costs of ownership over the entire product lifecycle.

Linking an expanding world

Global electricity demand is growing continuously and thereby places high demands on power distribution networks: they must provide a reliable supply of electricity at an affordable price, and do so in an environmentally sustainable way. As the grids for the year 2050 and beyond are currently being built, the needs of developed and emerging nations diverge. While emerging nations seek to establish an effective infrastructure with broad reach, older grids in developed countries need to be modernised and expanded to enable the integration of power from renewable sources such as wind and solar, and to become more efficient.


Borlink™ MV insulation system: the reliable and cost-effective solution

In order to fulfil rising demand for medium voltage (MV) power distribution networks while meeting the varying needs of different regions throughout the world, cable makers must raise their production levels quickly and cost effectively without compromising on cable quality or the long-term reliability required for cables, whose service life may extend to 40 years and beyond.

Designed by Borealis to significantly enhance production efficiency, Borlink™ technology lies at the heart of our MV insulation system. Using Borlink enables cable makers to increase cable production output while maintaining excellent long-term electrical performance. This not only reduces production costs, but also the overall costs of ownership over the entire product lifecycle.

  • When using Borlink copolymers, an increased production output of up to 10%-20% over standard homopolymer crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE) and outstanding electrical performance that meets the most stringent market requirements can be achieved.
  • With Borlink Supercure homopolymers, production runs can be extended by up to 30% over standard homopolymer products thanks to superb scorch retardant performance.
  • Meet the industry's demanding delivery schedules by using high-productivity Borlink compounds. These enable more efficient use of resources at higher line speed; longer running time, higher outputs; shorter and more flexible production cycles; and lower cost per cable kilometre.

MV Visico™ as a Borlink complement

Our MV Visico™ is based on proprietary silane copolymer technology and has a proven track record of over 15 years. With limited initial capital investment, it enables cable makers to work at high speeds, produce short length cables, and reduce start-stop scraps.

Addressing sustainability to 2050 and beyond

Borlink is an innovation that underscores our commitment to the wire and cable industry. It combines the company's leading production technology with the support of our world leading application experts. Our philosophy is to provide innovative materials that allow for the problem-free operation of cables over very long time spans. Long life, without the need to frequently scrap and replace cables, is an effective way to limit the environmental burden. For more on how to contribute to enhancing sustainability, review our recommendations on how to recover plastic waste from cables.

Bringing energy all around

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