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Low Voltage (LV) and
Overhead Cables

Borealis solutions help low voltage cable manufacturers meet the core challenges of high productivity cable production yielding consistent and reliable cables.

Innovative technology, impressive performance

As global demand for reliable and sustainable power supply solutions rises, the industry is also becoming increasingly competitive. More than ever, high productivity, superior product performance as well as product differentiation have become key factors in cable industry success. Cable makers must raise their productivity levels quickly and cost effectively but without compromising on cable quality and long-term reliability.

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Case Study Case Study: HEP ODS chooses for XLPE insulation to ensure reliable power supply in Croatia

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Delivering reliability and cost efficiency in LV cables

Borealis continues to develop solutions which help low voltage (LV) cable manufacturers meet the core challenges of high productivity cable production yielding consistent and reliable cables. Borealis insulation solutions help reduce production complexity while at the same time driving cost efficiency. In addition to our simple thermoplastic solutions, we offer a range of innovative solutions for major types of LV cables for both overhead and underground applications. Our proprietary Visico™/Ambicat™ solutions are leading and cost-effective products when it comes to providing, installing and extending the lifetime of cable systems and raising the potential for uninterrupted power supply.

Visico™/Ambicat™ – cost-effective crosslinked polyethylene

Our high-productivity solutions are based on our proprietary Visico/Ambicat ambient moisture cure, silane crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE) technology. Tangible benefits to our customers include:

  • Increased production efficiency of high-quality, moisture cure LV cables thanks to reduced production complexity and less scrap produced
  • Higher production output  of cable using existing equipment
  • Faster production cycles requiring less manpower
  • Production campaigns of up to several weeks due to unique scorch retardant solution
  • Crosslinking under ambient conditions without the need for elevated temperatures (elimination of water bath or sauna saves energy)
  • Low environmental impact: catalyst system has no tin and contains neither flammable liquids nor harmful additives
  • Visico/Ambicat solutions are available globally and come with comprehensive technical support.

Enjoy the highest productivity benefits

Borealis delivers effective Visico/Ambicat solutions in LV energy transmission and distribution, both overhead and underground cables, and offers world-class innovations in providing, installing and extending the lifetime of cable systems. Our two-component system (base material and proprietary catalyst) helps cable makers gain the competitive edge by providing fast crosslinking in ambient conditions, improved ease of cable processing and minimal downtime leading to higher productivity.

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