The strain on existing electricity distribution networks is expected to increase as the number of electric vehicles and solar panels rises. In order to avoid electricity breakdowns and manage a secure supply during peak consumption hours, low voltage (LV) cables insulated with XLPE can be used to ensure uninterrupted delivery for decades.

With unique features, XLPE insulated cables provide advantages for the whole electricity distribution value chain. Utilities can expect to benefit from capacity increases of up to 10% more than if using PVC, and there are less electricity losses as well as better corrosion protection, particularly in wet environments. There’s a benefit to both consumers and the ecosystem; with 30% less insulation there are reduced material needs, and the absence of chlorine and halogens means less hazardous materials are present. In addition to this, installation can take place at any time of the year as XLPE can withstand much colder temperatures.

Decentralisation. Urbanisation. Mobility
Decentralisation. Urbanisation. Mobility

Using XLPE, Borealis has developed an unrivalled environment-friendly product that specifically addresses cable manufacturers’ needs. Our moisture cured Visico™/Ambicat™ solution provides a cost-effective and quality-consistent product that supports our customers' bottom-line by reducing waste, increasing productivity and reducing overall costs.

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