Power Projects

For Power Projects, Borealis stands for a new generation of partnerships. Partner beyond product.

Solutions for Land and Submarine Power Cables

Understanding that project execution is critical to its success, Borealis stands for a new generation of partnerships. Our zero-defect mindset, ensures our customers benefit from unparalleled reliability, start to finish.

Borealis has developed the Borlink™ technology platform, a complete global package of power cable compounds and expertise with applications for high voltage (HV), extra high voltage (EHV) and high voltage direct current (HVDC) energy supplies. Based on our enhanced base resin technology Supercure, Borlink™ insulation compounds are unique and innovative materials offering superior cleanliness essential for reliable high performance.

For our valued customers, these compounds provide:

  • Increased scorch safety during cable extrusion, lowering risk of insulation defects
  • Long cable production runs
  • Reduced degassing time burden, optimising production with 10-20% shorter production cycles and the subsequent reduction of associated capital costs.
Partner beyond product
Partner beyond product