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As the leading industry supplier with a long proven track record In close co-operation with the global cable industry, Borealis and Borouge have always been at the forefront of cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) development. Superclean XLPE insulation was first introduced in 1973 for the initial XLPE 84 kV submarine cable and has advanced to EHV cables up to 550 kV.

Committed to working in partnership with customers to target developments that directly respond to their needs, Borealis has established a dedicated technology for the production and supply of compounds that enables the manufacture of EHV cables which can withstand higher field stresses. By establishing the Borlink™ technology, Borealis and Borouge have elevated their total network of support to a new level by helping to facilitate the combining of different grids and energy sources, both regionally and globally.

Together with the correct cable design and manufacturing care, clean high quality XLPE compounds can hugely improve cable system reliability. Contaminants reduce the insulation performance and increase the risk of system failure, meaning the use of clean high quality XLPE compounds is essential to avoid reduction in insulation performance and critical system failure. Borlink™ EHV XLPE insulation compounds are produced in a closed loop system and delivered in Borlink™ octabins filled under sterile room conditions to preserve the cleanliness of the compound.

Even at the highest of electrical stresses, a smooth interface between insulation and shielding increases the potential of maintaining an uninterrupted power supply. Our Borlink™ EHV Supersmooth semi-conductive compound has been designed to provide the smooth even surfaces required to eliminate surface pips, reduce electrical stresses and minimise the risk of power failure. Together with the best outer protective Borstar® or Casico™ jacket, we can offer our customers the most reliable system solution for EHV cables with confidence.

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