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Having satisfied the rising demand in transmission projects with proven technology in HV cables for some time, Borealis and Borouge have an impressive track record. More than 300,000 kilometres of cabling has been installed worldwide using Borealis compounds, a distance that spans over three times the circumference of the earth, and we are on our way to making another global lap with Borlink™ XLPE based on Supercure technology.

Our Borlink™ LS4201S is ahead in its field

With a significantly improved scorch safety that lowers the risk of insulation defects and an inherently reduced degassing time, manufacturers can look to gain optimised production cycles and running times which are especially beneficial in high-demanding submarine cable applications. To guarantee their absolute cleanliness, all Borlink™ Supercure LS4201S insulations are produced and packed on specifically designed lines.

Our advanced equipment and quality management systems leave nothing to chance, meaning that utility providers can trust cabling with Borlink™ insulation based on Supercure technology to deliver long-term reliability and improved overall safety.

Examples from offshore wind export cable projects

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