Polymeric DC insulation materials designed to provide minimum space charge accumulation

Polymeric DC insulation materials were first established in the 1990s in parallel with the expansion of voltage source converter technology, with Borealis as pioneering material developers. Borealis’ 20 years of unrivalled commercial experience now stretches beyond 6000 km of in-service HVDC cables.

This first generation of extrudable polymeric XLPE HVDC solution is based on Borlink™ LE4253DC XLPE and LE0550DC semicon, designed to provide minimum space charge accumulation. It’s Supersmooth and provides both conductor and insulation shielding, even with even surfaces that reduce electrical stresses.

Next generation HVDC supporting extruded HVDC transmission at EHV level

Next generation HVDC supporting extruded HVDC transmission at EHV level HVDC power transmission technology supports long distance electricity transport without significant losses, making it very efficient and environment-friendly. The industry trend is clearly moving towards an increased need for higher transmission capacity at HV levels. With this in mind, Borealis recently introduced the next generation HVDC insulation compound, Borlink™ LS4258DCE, which, along with the accompanying HDVC semicon Borlink™ LE0550DC, enables the use of extruded cable technology at EHV and transmission levels in instances where paper cables are traditionally used.

Based on the proprietary Borlink™ technology, Borlink™ LS4258DCE is an unfilled XLPE compound based on enhanced base resin Supercure technology and is produced at Borealis’ state-of-the-art high pressure production facilities in Stenungsund, Sweden, a plant recently supported by major investments.

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