Power Transmission

Productivity and efficiency in a sustainable way. Our Borlink™ technology enables the lowest total cost of ownership, and uninterrupted power transmission with long-term reliability in a sustainable way.

High Voltage (HV)

The world of energy is changing together with society’s raising concern of global warming. While energy consumption in cities is increasing, driven by the growing number of electric vehicles and electric heating solutions, more renewable energy sources such as local wind and solar farms are being built to produce energy in a more sustainable way. Reliable power transmission lines are required to transport this energy to distribution networks, and as overhead lines can be unsightly, power transmission is consequently moving underground.

At Borealis, partnership goes beyond delivering products, and we are dedicated to finding new ways to support our customers. Our Borlink™ LS4201H insulation compound for HV cables is based on Supercure technology and has a significantly improved scorch safety that lowers the risk of defects in cables. Improved scorch performance allows longer production runs and, in combination with the built-in reduced degassing time, cable manufacturers can expect an optimised production cycle.

Connecting renewable energy sources
Connecting renewable energy sources

By ensuring a sustainable production process, encompassing efficient decision making paired with effective solution finding, Borealis is committed to enabling successful project execution, whilst assuring the utmost reliability to our clients. HV cables with Borlink™ insulation based on Supercure technology enable reliable power transmission with long-term reliability in a sustainable way.

Our recommended solutions for T&D

High Voltage (HV) and Medium Voltage (MV) solutions

Building Europe's future electricity networks with high quality underground and subsea cables

As an associated member of Europacable we are supporting VISUALIZING ENERGY 2014 highlighting the role of renewables in the energy transition. We are the leading supplier of materials used for high quality underground and subsea cables. These cables will be an essential part of Europe's future electricity networks. At Borealis we are committed to bringing energy all around.

Bringing energy all around

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