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Five years of fun experimenting

Photo: Young researchers in the STaR hands-on lab


The STaR hands-on lab for children celebrates its fifth anniversary and, in its sixth year, continues offering a wide range of opportunities for young researchers to carry out experiments.

The STaR (Science Technology and Research) programme run by the Society for the Promotion of Plastics Technology (GFKT) celebrates its fifth anniversary in March 2022. The decision was made to extend the programme just in time for this celebration, thanks to the continued support of its sponsors.

Experience creates knowledge

Since 2017, children between the ages of eleven and fourteen have been presented with exciting insights into the world of natural sciences, and benefited from the opportunity to conduct their own research and experiments in workshops. Thanks to the hands-on nature of the workshops, the multifaceted topics can be grasped first-hand.

The content covered in these free workshops reflects current topics such as climate change, the recycling of plastics and the importance of clean drinking water. Thus, enabling 1,000 children per year to explore socially relevant topics in an entertaining way.

“It is our priority to support young people and offer them opportunities to discover and realise their full potential,” Thomas Gangl, CEO Borealis, highlights the significance of this cooperation, and adds: “The Austrian industry needs committed young people who will ensure our future role as a pioneer in technology. The STaR programme encourages the development of these young talents, and we are delighted to be able to support this project.”

Five years are just the beginning

In addition to a large number of activities and a grand competition to mark its anniversary, the STaR programme will be supplemented with new and exciting content. From April onwards, experimental lectures will be offered under the programme category “Chemistry in Schools”. These lectures, held directly at the schools, aim to provide even more children who are interested with an insight into the fascinating world of natural sciences. The topics presented will, of course, be conveyed once again through amazing hands-on experiments.

You can register for the workshops directly at www.star-chemie.at.


For further information, please contact:

GFKT: Christopher Fischer
StaR Programme Manager
tel.: +43 1 33 126 557
e-Mail: cfischer@tgm.ac.at

Photo: Young researchers in the STaR hands-on lab


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Photo: Young researchers in the STaR hands-on lab © GFKT
Photo: Young researchers in the STaR hands-on lab © GFKT
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