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Borealis signed on to the Global Plastic Action Partnership

Five leading organizations from the civil society and private sectors have joined the Global Plastic Action Partnership (GPAP), the World Economic Forum’s platform for advancing progress in the fight against plastic waste and pollution, as well as transitioning governments, businesses and society towards a sustainable, circular economy for plastics.

Created by a public-private coalition of global leaders and housed at the World Economic Forum since late 2018, GPAP aims to shape a more sustainable and inclusive world through the eradication of plastic pollution. It has launched three national partnerships with the Governments of Indonesia, Ghana, and Viet Nam, supporting local stakeholders in the effort to meet ambitious national plastic pollution targets, such as Indonesia’s goal of reducing marine plastic debris by 70% by 2025.

“At Borealis, we are convinced that through collaboration in a circular economy we can successfully address the complex issue of marine littering,” explained Alfred Stern, Borealis CEO. “By engaging strategic partners from across the value chain, we are expanding Project STOP in Indonesia as a lighthouse initiative to design, implement and scale circular solutions that prevent the leakage of waste into the environment. Life demands progress. GPAP is an ideal collaboration platform for translating commitments into action, where together, we can re-invent for more sustainable living.”

These five organizations will work closely with GPAP at the global and local levels to contribute expertise and resources in areas such as unlocking financing, boosting innovation and promoting inclusivity. In joining GPAP, they have committed to sharing learnings and best practices; making pledges to reduce plastic pollution; actively participating in global and regional meetings; and leading circular plastics initiatives within their organizations.

For more information see the full media release here.

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Virginia Mesicek
Senior Manager, Corporate Communications, Brand & Reputation

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