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Turnaround Stenungsund

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Welcome to TA 2022 at Borealis Cracker Stenungsund!

The turnaround at Cracker will take place April - May 2022 and will include the olefins production facilities. We do about 1500 different jobs during the turnaround, everything from control of selected safety valves to complete overhaul of our critical rotating machines. A large part is about cleaning equipment, legal inspections and maintenance of equipment. On top of that there are investment projects to improve the plant safety. During the turnaround we are focused on activities that can not be done when operations are up and running. Around 1000 contractors are employed to work for us during the turnaround 2022. Many have been with us before, others are new collaborations.

Together we create a safe TA 2022. Safer Together.

Check out our Life Saving Rules here.

Check out our Process Safety Rules here.