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Approval and Risk Assessment

Contractors should inform Borealis about all chemical products that they want to bring into the Borealis area. The information should consist of Swedish safety data sheets (SDS), calculated amount and a plan of how to store and handle the substance. Before a chemical can be taken in, it must have been approved by Borealis Chemical Control.

It is important that the contractor has the required documentation ready well before establishing on site. The contractor is obliged to ensure that there is a risk assessment for the use of the chemical (consider also personnel health and environmental release risks) and that its personnel are informed of risks that may occur. Contractors also need to control requirements for personal protective equipment and first aid. If the contractors are likely to be in contact with Borealis chemicals/ products/raw materials, ask the contact person for the Swedish workplace safety card and help with understanding the risks involved.


All chemicals need to be labelled according to the CLP regulation (SDS). Bottles or other types of containers with no indication of product names and hazards are not allowed to be present even temporarily in the site. Dangerous goods shall follow the respective transport regulations on its transport to and from Borealis.

Some basic rules for storing chemicals are:

  • Sufficient ventilation to avoid the risk of harmful fumes, vapours, dusts
  • Keep incompatible chemicals away to avoid undesirable chemical reactions
  • Store flammable chemicals separately
  • Storage away from heat sources
  • Secondary containment to catch any leaks
  • Locked storage of toxic chemicals.
It is not allowed to bring any food or drink into process area.

Use suitable PPE when handling chemicals and follow basic chemical hygiene as wash hands before breaks, at the end of the day and immediately after handling chemicals.