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Emergency & First Aid

ALARM NUMBER: 7112 or +4630387112

Assembly points at Borealis Cracker


  • In the event of danger in the facility the emergency alarm is triggered.
  • All work must then be stopped. Vehicles and machines must be switched off immediately. Vehicle keys must be left in the vehicle ignition.
  • Make your way to the assembly point.
  • Go to the assembly point and register presence in the card reader.
  • After registering, Follow the markings to collection point and wait for further information from the evacuation leader. Permission to return to work is given by the evacuation leader.
  • Note! All work permits become invalid in the event of emergency alarm and must be renewed before work may be resumed.
  • The emergency alarm is tested on the first non-holiday Monday of each month, at 09:03.

First Aid

The contractors are responsible for their specific first aid arrangements. Contractors are responsible to take action and protect there employees and must also react and act if there are risks to the surroundings. In the TA village there will be a nurse available for everyone who works in the TA. Borealis also has first aid supplies available.

Metal particles from example metal grinding and machine work have a tendency to get into hair then fall onto the cornea and stick. This quickly rusts and if not removed soon, can cause extreme pain, infection, and recurrent corneal erosions.

The noise level during TA must be assessed and contractors must always be equipped with hearing protection and use it when necessary. Possible exposure risks from the process are assessed and a risk prevention plan is prepared before the start of the TA.