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Access to site

An access card is required to enter the facility. To obtain an access card, the person must have completed and passed the required trainings. It includes approved contractor training as well as the local HSE training for TA 2022. In addition, the person must be registered in the E-sense system. A valid form of identification must be shown in order to receive an access card. The access card must always be carried and is personal. It is forbidden to transfer or lend your access card to anyone else. Access to the facility is only via rotary gates at the Cracker's main gate.

There is an alcohol test terminal in front of the gates that is mandatory to blow in before you can swipe your pass for entry.

During TA, a valid car permit is required in order to drive a vehicle into the TA area. For closed streets, a work permit is also required in addition. Before the vehicle is driven into the facility, both the driver and any passengers must pass the alcohol terminal and swipe their access pass at an entry gate. The security gate guard contacts the traffic guard via radio about incoming traffic to the facility and any transports to "closed" streets. Random vehicle checks are made to ensure that materials, quantities etc. are correct.