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Environmental protection measures

The contractor shall sort waste into available containers and waste bins in offices, close to offices and around at the plant.

In the offices, the following fractions can be separated: Food waste, Paper mugs, Paper packaging, Plastic packaging, Metal packaging, Glass, Residual waste.

At the recycling stations, there are containers for sorting the following fractions: Paper, Glass, Wood, Metal scrap, Plastic, Combustible, Non-combustible, Electronic waste and Batteries.

All fractions are not available at every recycling station. For contracts where waste is expected to occur on a large scale the contractor shall communicate the expected waste volumes per fraction to Borealis coordinator so the capacity can be adjusted.

Oils, chemicals or other substances are prohibited to be flushed into the drains at the plant. Oils and chemicals/other substances that shall be taken care of as waste must be stored in suitable containers/barrels/bins that are marked with its content. The containers/barrels/bins with hazardous material must be stored within a suitable containment to prevent spill to the surroundings. The handling and storage shall be aligned and approved by Borealis coordinator. The disposal of hazardous waste shall be in line with Borealis regulations and routines.

Excavation work must be approved by Borealis Environmental Expert. Contaminated soil from excavation work must be handled in closed containers. For excess soil, samples must be taken and analysed for contaminants. No soil can be removed from Site before approval by Borealis Environmental Expert.

The regulations of the Work Environment Authority apply for the handling and disposal of material containing asbestos or synthetic inorganic fibres. Specific requirements apply for the waste handling of hazardous building material and it shall be stored in specific containers before disposal. Align with Borealis coordinator.

Activities including high noise: Borealis has permit conditions controlling the noise level from the plant. The general noise level is not allowed to exceed 47 dB(A) at residential houses in Stenungsund. The permit condition includes additional requirement for activities creating high noise levels (for example high pressure cleaning). For these activities the noise level shall, as far as possible, be restricted to 55 dB(A) and are only allowed during daytime (06.00- 18.00) weekdays. Not during weekends and not after 18:00 and before 06.00.

Storage and handling of chemicals/oils: All chemicals/oils must be stored within a suitable containment for preventing the risk for spill to the surroundings. Preventive measures to reduce the risk for spill during the work procedures including chemicals/oils must also be considered.

Contaminated water: The handling and disposal of water from cleaning activities must be well planned before the work starts and water can only be discharged to waste water system if approved by Borealis.

Bad smell: The work shall be planned to prevent bad smell from the workplace. In case of bad smell, contact Borealis directly so actions can be taken.