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Life Saving Rules

Life Saving Rule 1

Working at height

Every person who ascends to, works at or descends from height shall ensure it is done safely and that he/she is adequately protected from falling.

Life Saving Rule 2

Entry into confined spaces

Entry into a confined space is prohibited unless it is controlled and authorized.

Life Saving Rule 3

Lifting operations and working under suspended loads

All lifting operations shall be conducted by competent persons in accordance to acceptable, safe lifting practices and no one shall work under a suspended object.

Life Saving Rule 4

Working on potentially energised/pressurised equipment

Every person who intends to work on any equipment shall ensure all energy sources are adequately and safely isolated before starting.

Life Saving Rule 5

Exposure to traffic

Drivers shall exercise great care to protect themselves and others from harm, pedestrians and cyclists shall be alert to traffic at all times.