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Flange Management

There are hundreds of thousands of blind and equipment flange jobs during the downtime and we want high quality of our flange work to ensure a safe and reliable operation of our industrial plants until the next shutdown.

Personnel working with flanges must have valid flange work training SFS-EN 1591-4 or other qualifications equivalent to the standard. Borealis must approve other qualifications. Certificates of competence must be available to Borealis Quality personnel before the start of the shutdown work. Personnel carrying out flange work shall also have received training in the local procedures for flange management.

Equipment Cleaning

Ensuring and guaranteeing the quality of equipment and pipe cleaning is vital to the reliability and availability of the plant, which is why we closely monitor the quality of the cleaning work during its execution. Quality problems with cleaning work pose a risk to the reliability of the facility, and re-doing cleaning delays other work scheduled after the cleaning.

All equipment and pipe cleaning are approved by representatives of Borealis Quality Team. To help keeping track on the status on disassembled equipment being and cleaned at a cleaning station it is flagged with a cleaning tag.

Material Management

Through high quality materials management, we ensure the condition of our equipment and minimise process safety hazards. The most common mechanisms for material damage are improper material handling, falling, tipping, inadequate protection and material storage.

With good material management, we minimise not only safety risks but also the additional economic damage caused by improper material handling.

Shared Responsibility for the Quality of Work

All workers have the right and the duty to address any quality problems they observe and to report their findings to Borealis staff as soon as possible. Only when being transparent and working together in a quality secured way we get a safe and reliable turn around. At Borealis, we call this working Safer Together.