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Reviewing 2020

Five Year Comparison of Key Figures

1) Environmental data might be subject to minor adjustments due to ongoing audits and missing third-party data at the time of closing of this report. // 2) Severe upsets led to significant emergency flaring during shut-downs; further there was a lack of recycling capacity. // 3) The main reason for the increase is the integration of the plastics recycling company mtm plastics GmbH into the monthly group reporting definitions. // 4) Amounts from 2016-2019 have been restated due to reclassification.

Combined Annual Report 2020 (PDF)

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This online report contains only highlights and excerpts from Borealis’ Combined Annual Report 2020. Only the entire report is legally binding and it must be read in full to gain a comprehensive understanding of Borealis’ performance and activities in 2020. A copy of the Combined Annual Report 2020 can be downloaded here.