Communications Endorsement Guideline

Communications Endorsement Guideline

If you would like to mention or tag Borealis on your communications channels, such as website, social media, event activities, etc., please reach out to your main contact at Borealis so they can contact the respective Corporate Communications representative for alignment and approval.

Borealis reserves the right to decline requests to be mentioned or tagged by third parties on their communications channels or other activities.

Mentioning Borealis as a Customer or Client

Use of Borealis as a reference by a supplier, contractor, vendor, development partner, etc., is subject to the approval of the relevant Borealis contact and Regional or Corporate Communications as stipulated in the business contract.

Mentioning Borealis as a Business Partner

Listing Borealis as a partner or collaborator in a joint project, launch or development stream requires alignment and approval with the relevant Borealis contact and Regional or Corporate Communications and must be in alignment with any existing mutual agreement on communication related to the topic or project.

Mentioning Borealis as a Sponsor

Listing Borealis as a sponsor for an event, activity, campaign or initiative is subject to approval of the relevant Borealis contact and must be in accordance with the respective signed and approved agreement for the specified activity.

Use of Borealis Logo – Approval Process

Use of the Borealis logo on non-Borealis channels in conjunction with the above cases or otherwise must be approved and aligned with relevant Borealis contact and Corporate Communications, including a signed agreement. Use is restricted to the approved purpose and period.

Photo and Video Material Collection at Borealis Locations

Please note that collection of photo and video material at a Borealis office, site, facility, etc., requires prior permission as per the location procedure. Use of said material externally requires additional written permission.

Borealis Netiquette – Social Media Channels

We are happy to respond to your questions from Monday to Friday from 09:00–17:00 CET. Mutual respect is our basic principle on social media. Users are responsible for their contributions. Do not post anything that violates applicable law, the criminal code, the rights of others, in particular personal rights, copyrights, or trademark rights, racist, sexist, abusive or otherwise indecent content.

At Borealis, we value open and transparent dialogue. Thus, we do not engage with anonymous users on our channels. We reserve the right to delete comments on our content that are unrelated to the original post. Furthermore, we reserve the right to edit or delete content violating the above-mentioned rules. Business partners who would like to associate Borealis with their initiatives (mentions) are only permitted to do so after having received our prior consent.

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