Borealis aims to proactively benefit society by taking on real societal challenges and offering real solutions. Protecting the health and safety of employees and neighbouring communities is the core responsibility of a chemicals company and top of Borealis’ agenda.

The company is committed to the principles of Responsible Care®, an initiative to improve safety performance within the chemicals industry. Borealis' commitment to ethical business conduct is firmly rooted in the company's core values, and its commitment to quality is laid out in the Quality Policy, which operates company-wide, and is embedded in all activities.

Borealis' Values

  • Responsible

    … is just a theory until you put it into action.

    • We strive for zero incidents in health and safety.
    • We consider our local and global responsibility for the environment in our decisions.
    • We do business according to high ethical standards and lead by example.
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  • Respect

    … is just a word until you live its meaning.

    • We trust and involve people and communicate openly, respectfully and in a timely manner.
    • We collaborate, support and help each other to develop for the best of Borealis.
    • We build on diversity for better results as “One Company”.
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  • Exceed

    ... is just a goal until it becomes your path.

    • We win through Excellence and deliver beyond expectations.
    • We commit to making joint decisions and follow through.
    • We give feedback and make “Connect-Learn-Implement” and “Continuous Improvement” a natural way of working.
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  • Nimblicity

    ... is just a concept until you make it your routine.

    • We are fit, fast and flexible and seek smart and simple solutions.
    • We encourage decisions on all levels of the organisation to increase ownership and speed to realisation.
    • We welcome change and manage it to shape our future.
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