Ethics and Compliance

Doing business according to high ethical standards

Borealis is committed to upholding a culture of ethics and compliance based on honesty, integrity and in accordance with all applicable legal requirements. Maintaining the highest standards of integrity is essential for securing and maintaining the trust of Borealis’ customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and other key stakeholders, and for protecting the group’s reputation.

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Borealis Ethics Policy

The Borealis Ethics Policy outlines the company's principles of ethical business conduct and provides guidelines for its employees. The main areas covered by the Ethics Policy are ethical principles, anti-corruption, business and personal integrity, compliance with competition laws, and data privacy.

Main Compliance Areas

Anti trust

Anti-Trust & Competition Law

Borealis does not enter into any form of agreement or understanding with competitors to fix prices or otherwise restrict free competition.

Anti bribery

Anti-Corruption & Bribery

Borealis does not accept bribes, kickbacks or any other kind of improper payments. The company keeps accurate books and records to honestly describe payments.

Hr complience

HR Compliance & Human Rights

Borealis treats everyone with respect and will not tolerate unfair treatment, harassment, abuse or retaliation within the workplace. The company strictly observes and complies with Human Rights requirements and expects external business partners to apply the same standards.

Data protection

Data Protection

Borealis will treat all personal information concerning employees and business partners sensitively, in confidence, and in accordance with applicable laws.


Trade Compliance

Borealis complies with the trade laws of all countries in which it operates, including sanctions, customs, import and export controls, and laws that apply to the cross-border trade of its products and services.


Issuer Compliance

Neither Borealis nor its employees engage in any market misconduct, whether for individual benefit or for the benefit of Borealis.

We are committed to conducting our business responsibly and with integrity and honesty.

Thomas Gangl - Borealis CEO

Internal Compliance & Ethics Governance

Compliance and Ethics Department

Borealis’ Compliance and Ethics Department is responsible for compliance management, awareness promotion, and the investigation and remediation of ethical misconduct.

Borealis Ethics Ambassador Program

Borealis has a network of more than 80 Ethics Ambassadors globally, to promote and improve the ethical culture across all of its locations’ business segments. Ethics Ambassadors are strongly committed and thoroughly trained in ethics. They are in close contact with the Compliance and Ethics Department and serve as a local contact person for ethics-related questions.

Ethics Council

Borealis maintains an Ethics Council that consists of senior representatives from each Executive Area. The Ethics Council is responsible for fostering a consistent ethics culture within the group and is authorized to approve disciplinary action for unethical behavior, sponsorships, and possible conflicts of interest.

Ethics Hotline
Questions or concerns? Please contact the Borealis Ethics Hotline.