Accelerate circularity, drive growth and create value for customers and society

Providing intelligent and sustainable solutions to the challenges faced by society is a core Borealis mission. The company's customer-driven approach to innovation coupled with advanced polymer design capabilities and exclusive technologies allow Borealis to offer timely, value-creating products for the complete value chain in a sustainable way.

Innovation at Borealis

The Borealis commitment to Value Creation through Innovation will continue to drive progress in the circular sphere. As a leading European innovator and industry pioneer in the transformation of the plastics economy from linear to circular, Borealis builds on the success of the proprietary and transformative technologies to accelerate circularity, drive specialty growth and create more value in licensing and catalyst technology. Borealis does not just make products, but gives polyolefin-based, post-consumer waste a new life, and re-invents essentials with circular polyolefins based on renewable feedstocks.

Sustainable Innovation Leadership

Borealis has a well-established innovation project management process where customer needs, experts, processes and technologies are combined. Multidisciplinary project teams representing R&D, business and production ensure efficient knowledge sharing, create insights across boundaries and ultimately lead to timely achievement of our innovation goals.

As part of the overall growth strategy, Borealis is committed to dedicating a substantial part of R&D and innovation resources to breakthrough research and development projects. Borealis believes that this is the best way to develop value-adding products that make us an innovation leader and put our customers at the forefront of their industry.

We, as Borealis, have committed to spearheading the transformation of our industry.

Thomas Gangl - Borealis CEO

Thomas Gangl
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Borealis Scientific Innovation Award 2023

For ten years, Borealis encouraged and rewarded ideas with the power to impact the world. As a global industry leader in innovative solutions and technologies, the company has already placed sustainability firmly at the core of its business, but there is still work to do. For this year’s Scientific Innovation Award, Borealis wants to hear from bold, disruptive thinkers with pioneering ideas to shape the inudustry's circular transformation and the future of our planet.

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Careers at Borealis

We bring together the thinkers of tomorrow. We enjoy working as a team, and trust and empower our employees. At Borealis, everyone and every opinion matters. Explore what Borealis has to offer by clicking the link below. We look forward to working together!

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