Accelerating the industry transformation with proprietary technology

As an innovation leader Borealis continues to develop its portfolio of proprietary technologies while building on the achievements and experience of more than 50 years in the industry. Through its joint ventures, Borealis keeps discovering new, innovative ways of creating next-generation, value-creating products to meet customers' needs on a global scale.

Nucleation Technology

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Our Portfolio

With strong roots in Polyolefins, the Borealis technology portfolio covers the whole range from the catalyst, to process, product, application and recycling. Combining application expertise with leading technologies, Borealis develops tailor-made solutions designed for the best performance in the end-use application. This is achieved by understanding and interpreting the needs of the whole value chain from polymer to end user, resulting in the translation of customer requirements into polymer structures and ultimately into innovative products. With circular technologies and product solutions, Borealis is closing the loop and re-inventing essentials for more sustainable living.

Intellectual Property and Licensing

Borealis protects production processes, catalysts, materials and end-applications. Its Intellectual Property Rights team is specialised in knowledge protection, trademarks, contracts, enforcement and opposition. Borealis technologies are mainly for captive use but Borealis is also seeking selective licensing opportunities for new ventures involving, for instance, equity sharing.