Borstar® Nextension Technology

Breakthrough technology providing tailor-made and circular solutions with outstanding performance

With the development and launch of the Borstar® Nextension technology, Borealis solidifies its position as an industry leader in innovation and technology. Thanks to proven Borstar performance and unique single-site Borstar Nextension catalysts, Borstar Nextension Technology enhances the range of polypropylene (PP) properties and drives plastics circularity.

Photo: The combination of Borstar® and the proprietary Borstar® Nextension catalysts produces  a wider range of tailored polyolefins.

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What Is Borstar Nextension Technology?

Based on the Borealis proprietary Borstar technology, Borstar Nextension Technology offers a new horizon for polypropylene by setting new standards in performance-based polyolefins built on the strong foundation of the Borstar platform.

The Borstar Nextension technology yields synergistic effects resulting from the combination of proven Borstar performance based on multimodality and the controlled incorporation of the comonomer; and the novel, single-site Borstar Nextension catalysts.

Scope of Borstar Nextension Technology

The Borstar Nextension technology is a step change for PP performance because

  • it broadens the range of PP properties thanks to its ability to tailor polymers for unrivalled higher purity, excellent transparency and optics after sterilization, as well as superior sealing and bonding at lower temperatures.
  • In addition, the Borstar Nextension technology drives plastics circularity.

Its outstanding performance properties enable the use of only one material instead of many in multilayer applications. In a large number of applications, these circular packaging designs may include non-virgin grades like those from the Bornewables™ portfolio of circular polyolefins manufactured with second generation renewable feedstock; or from the transformative Borcycle™ portfolios containing grades made of polyolefins-based, post-consumer recyclate.

This universal solution sets new standards by enabling material substitution in multilayer, multimaterial-based applications and thus providing mono-material solutions in a range of industries:

  • flexible packaging
  • healthcare
  • molding

For mobility applications, the Borstar Nextension Technology will enable purity levels beyond today’s automotive industry requirements with reduced odor and volatiles in automotive interior and exterior applications.

Why Borstar Nextension Technology?

In sum, using Borstar Nextension technology in the production of PP applications helps close the loop on plastics circularity while pushing performance boundaries.

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