Borealis Sirius Catalyst Technology

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The proprietary Borealis Sirius catalyst technology drives the development of polyolefins with cutting edge performance and sustainability benefits.

Sirius Catalyst

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What Is Borealis Sirius Catalyst Technology?

The Borealis Sirius catalyst technology makes it possible to produce chemical substances – so-called catalysts – engineered specifically for the production of functionalised polymers for Borealis and its customers.

  • Borealis Sirius Catalyst

    Catalysts are substances required in small quantities for the production of plastics. In polymerization, they assist in the transformation of simple raw materials into complex molecules, which exhibit a variety of properties for diverse applications. The Borealis Sirius catalyst technology is protected by a number of patents in various countries and was recognized by the prestigious Giulio Natta Award in 2012. Borealis inaugurated a catalyst plant utilizing the Borealis Sirius catalyst technology at their Linz, Austria location in June 2013.

    Borealis Sirius Catalyst

Scope of Borealis Sirius Catalyst Technology

The Borealis Sirius catalyst technology makes solid spherical catalyst particles through an innovative emulsion-based process without external carrier material. It has raised considerable interest in the global polyolefin community because of its ability to improve control of the active site distribution in Ziegler-Natta (ZN) polymerization catalysts in a single-step process, resulting in better regulation of polymerization reactions. The Borealis Sirius catalysts are exclusively using non-phthalate donors addressing the needs from leading brand owners and customers seeking PP solutions, which are phthalate-free. Single site catalysts can also be made utilizing the Sirius technology, with benefits in productivity and homogeneity across the catalyst particle.

Why Borealis Sirius Catalyst Technology?

Using a proprietary Borealis Sirius catalyst in the Borstar® process allows for production of superior materials in a significantly more efficient way than with conventional technologies. Innovations are focused on unique combinations of properties and offer differentiation and support for high line speeds through:

  • step-change in purity
  • improved optical properties
  • improved stiffness-impact balance
  • excellent processability

One such example is the superior transparent and soft PP impact copolymers for medical packaging with lower extractables, lower emissions and better retention of mechanical and optical properties in steam sterilization. Using Borealis Sirius catalyst technology with the advantages described above, Borealis can produce a wide range of ZN and Single Site catalysts.