Borceed™ Technology

Enabling tailor-made polymer solutions for demanding applications

A Borealis proprietary solution helping to achieve even greater product differentiation. The technology name unites “Borealis” with the ongoing mission to exceed, to constantly go beyond customer expectations by reaching for new heights in innovation, product performance, and customer service.

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What Is Borceed?

Borceed™ is a proprietary Borealis solution technology, enabling flexible materials that close the gap between classic thermoplastic products and rubbers. These plastomer and elastomer solutions are made possible by Borceed, and are complementary to products enabled by other Borealis proprietary technologies that target similar markets and customers, such as Borstar® and Borlink™. These markets include automotive, wire and cable, and high-end packaging.

Scope of Borceed

Borceed is the platform behind the Queo™ portfolio of products. Queo polyolefin plastomers and elastomers are made using Borceed solution polymerisation, which allows higher amounts of octene comonomer to be integrated in the ethylene backbone structure. As a result, Queo copolymers have a lower density and are very flexible with outstanding low temperature impact performance.

Why Borceed?

Borceed Technology delivers products, such as Queo plastomers and elastomers, which are enablers for a wide range of applications because of their material properties:

  • Reduced crystallinity
  • Improved flexibility and low-temperature impact
  • Decreased density
  • Lower melting points

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