Keeping in line with industry-accepted standards

Borealis strives to consistently exceed customer expectations and requirements by serving customers and markets with high-quality plastic and base chemical solutions, and offering reliable services in accordance with the group’s strategy and values.

Quality Policy

We are highly committed to our Quality and encourage every employee to embrace our quality principles, as it is a shared responsibility.

We are committed to meeting applicable requirements efficiently and exceeding customers' expectations through skilled and competent people, all while tirelessly striving to enhance customer satisfaction as one of our primary goals.

Our people embody curiosity, the right attitude and behavior, all of which promote our zero nonconformity and zero defects mindset.

We are committed to continuous progress and improvement, actively seeking sustainable solutions that meet the needs of our customers, interested parties, and the world, both today and in the future.

The Borealis Management System

Borealis’ governance processes are communicated through the framework of the Borealis Management System (BMS). An integral part of the company's overall business and operational management, the BMS provides clear and standardized frameworks and guidelines for all day-to-day operational activities and decision-making processes.

The BMS ensures that industry standards are met and that the company continuously improves via conducting internal audits and coordinating third-party certification audits relating to management systems. To drive customer satisfaction, Borealis offers practical support  to its customers for audits and complaint handling together with its business partners across all areas and production sites.

Borealis promotes quality awareness throughout the organization by addressing systematic issues using the relevant quality management processes (e.g., the Management Review) and also drives increased quality-oriented competence by offering integrated qualifications and training, and by sharing lessons learned and best practices.

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Borealis Commitment to Quality Product Traceability Customer Complaint Process and Corrective and Preventive Actions Continuous Improvement – The Borealis Way

Borealis Health, Safety, Environmental & Energy Management Borealis Commitment to REACH

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General Information Manage Feedstocks Production of Phenol/Acetone Store Products Allocate Customer Order Load, Transport & Deliver products

Scope Raw Materials for Food Managing the Contamination Issue Self-Assessment Step by Step Compliance to Food Hygiene Demands and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for Polyolefin related products

Purpose of the Business Continuity Management Preventive Oriented Activities Reactive Oriented Activities

What about CES (Circular Economy Solutions) CES Contribution to Borealis Management System Product Compliance PCR and PIR Statement Product Traceability Production & Classification Process Nonconformity and Corrective Actions