Borealis’ collective health and safety mindset is summarised by the motto: "If we can't do it safely, we won't do it at all."

Protecting the health and safety of employees and neighbouring communities is the core responsibility of a chemicals company and key to Borealis’ licence to operate. Since the company was founded, health and safety has been consistently at the top of the agenda.

Another key priority is ensuring the safe use of Borealis’ products by converters, customers and during recycling. Borealis’ products and solutions offer important health and safety benefits, through applications such as fire-safe cables and affordable healthcare products.

Occupational Health & Safety

Borealis has achieved world-class levels of health and safety for many years. To reach its objective of recording zero accidents, Borealis continues to implement its Goal Zero programme as well as to strengthen its collective health and safety mindset, which is summarised by the following motto: "If we can't do it safely, we won't do it at all." Borealis' approach to safety goes beyond its operations to include safety in the office environment, travel, and extracurricular sports.

Health and safety specialists in all Borealis locations provide health and safety competence and expertise. They ensure standards are applied, develop risk management tools, share experience, develop best practices, and train both Borealis employees and contractors.

Read more about Borealis' Health & Safety performance in the Combined Annual Report.

Employee Wellbeing

The Borealis wellbeing concept sets common standards across all locations, enables the sharing of best practices, and builds on existing activities. It takes a holistic view of wellbeing and identifies four key areas for ensuring motivated and healthy employees: health, job engagement, competence and work-life balance.

Borealis offers a range of health services to its employees such as physical examinations, voluntary health counselling programmes, and periodic workplace health surveys. Alongside the prevention of health and safety risks, occupational illnesses and accidents, the surveys place considerable focus on the psycho-social aspects of work and work-life balance.

Process Safety

Borealis processes flammable materials under high pressure and temperatures. Leaks, fires and explosions can have a major impact on employees, their families, the community and the environment. Process safety is therefore of primary importance, leading Borealis to make significant and continual investments in this area, as well as in ensuring the proper design, maintenance and operation of its plants.

Product Safety

Borealis is committed to Responsible Care® and wants its products to pose no risk to people or the environment, at any stage of their life cycle. To ensure this, Borealis applies strict chemical management rules and enforces high Product Stewardship standards. Borealis has adopted a hazardous chemicals strategy, which takes into account the level of hazard and risk, as well as regulatory developments and stakeholder concerns.

Everyone at Borealis is demonstrating safety leadership in everyday work by never compromising on safety and always keeping it in our hearts, minds and hands.

Johan Van Grootel - Borealis Director Group Health, Safety, Environment, Quality (HSEQ)

Health and Safety Goals

To ensure occupational, process and chemicals safety, Borealis’ Health and Safety goals set high standards, which we strive every day to uphold.

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work-related incidents or accidents

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harmful substances in our products according to REACH*

*Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH)