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Five Year Comparison of Key Figures

1) NITRO: Borealis Fertilizers, Melamine and Technical Nitrogen Business excl. Rosier. For further details, please refer to note 8. Discontinued Operation and Other Changes in the Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements.
2) Environmental data might be subject to minor adjustments due to ongoing audits and missing third-party data at the time of closing of this report.
3) Rosier is excluded from TRI 2022 excl. NITRO.
4) Definitions have been adjusted in 2021 to be aligned with OMV definitions. A comparison to previous years is only possible with 2020.
5) Severe upsets led to significant emergency flaring during shutdowns; further there was a lack of recycling capacity.
6) The main reason for the increase is the integration of the plastics recycling company mtm plastics GmbH and mtm compact GmbH into the monthly group reporting.
7) Full-time equivalents considers part-time employed staff only as 0.5.
8) Number of employees is presented in headcount instead of full-time equivalents since 2022. A comparison to previous years is only possible with 2021.

For Information: As described in the Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements, Borealis is in the process of its divesting Fertilizers, Melamine and Technical Nitrogen Products business unit (Borealis NITRO). This has resulted in the “discontinued operation” classification in the Consolidated Financial Statements. Accordingly, turnover, capital expenditure and operating expenditure, as presented in the chapter EU Taxonomy, do not include the nitrogen business unit (except Rosier as this is not part of the NITRO divestment process). All non-financial information for the reporting period 2022 is reported separately.

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This online report contains only highlights and excerpts from Borealis’ Combined Annual Report 2022. Only the entire report is legally binding and it must be read in full to gain a comprehensive understanding of Borealis’ performance and activities in 2022. A copy of the Combined Annual Report 2022 can be downloaded here.