Banned Substances

Borealis is a chemical manufacturer committed to the Responsible Care Global Charter

The company therefore bans certain substances from use in its production processes and products, when those substances are dangerous for human health or the environment. Borealis also applies a precautionary approach to certain substances that are still being assessed by regulatory authorities, due to the substances' potential health or environmental risks.

The Borealis "Banned Substances List" is available on the Company's website and includes substances such as potential endocrine disruptors, phthalates and brominated flame retardants. The listed substances are not used in any Borealis production process or intentionally added to Borealis' products. They are also banned from being used in the future, unless there is substantial scientific evidence leading to a changed assessment. Borealis regularly reviews the list, in the light of more recent risk assessments or re-classification of chemicals, specifically in connection with ECHA candidate list updates.

Chemicals Safety

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