Advanced fibers that enhance purity and performance

Filtration separates or removes harmful particles and impurities from fluids or gases. This process has a number of vital applications, including providing safe drinking water, improving the quality of indoor air, offering protection from germs in medical environments, and extending the life of machinery.

We offer a portfolio of high-performance fibers for filteration media made from meltblown polypropylene resins. Suitable for applications in a wide range of industries including medical, automotive, and domestic appliances, these materials offer consistent and cost-effective processing with minimal waste and defects.

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Benefits of Our Polyolefin Materials

  • Versatile applications: Our portfolio includes grades with both coarse and very fine fibers to meets the needs of various filtration applications.
  • Enhanced processing: Materials that support excellent spinning stability, resulting in fewer defects and enabling downgauging.
  • Efficient production: Optimized for high-speed processing and high output rates, our materials help to minimize waste and reduce production costs.

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